Changing the Colour of Earrings with Nail Polish – Refashion of the Week Returns

Here is a nice, quick and simple refashion. I bought this super cute pair of earrings during the week from Big W. I like them as they are but I already have quite a few pairs of light pink earrings. As I’d really like some red ones I thought I’d grab some nail polish and do a quick change up of colour.

This is really easy to do. I only needed one coat of polish as the red was similar to the pinky colour of the gems. I wasn’t too fussy about the edges either and the end result looks fine.
This would be so pretty with glitter or lustre polishes too. You could do a mix of all sorts of colours.
TIPS: If you want to change the colour of the gems completely (ie. from pink to bright blue) you will need to paint right up to the edges carefully. Make sure not to have too much paint on the brush. This can be a bit tricky so go slowly. You’ll need quite a few coats. You can use toothpicks, cotton buds or tissues to correct any mistakes. Gems in metal encasing can be removed before they are painted to make it easier. Gently pull back the metal tabs with you nails or tweezers and the gem should just fall out.
Beads, buttons, clasps and belt buckles (this refashion) can also be changed using nail polish, although I think the gems tend to result in the best finishes (you can always go over the top with a coat of clear polish too for added shine).
I finished off the refashion by changing the hooks to sterling silver. This tutorial here has instructions and more information about this.
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