I’m currently using Google Adsense’s Adverstising program. Google chooses the ads that appear on my site by looking at keywords from my site as well as your own browsing history. If you prefer that google not select based on your history you can disable tracking cookies through your browser’s settings. I’ve applied strict filters to the the types of ads that display here so they should all be family friendly but if you ever come across an ad that you find offensive or inappropriate you can contact me at ameliamadelaine (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll see about getting it removed. Make sure to provide the website and/or company name, this google publisher toolbar allows you to see the address of an ad without having to click on it.  

More information can be found at the Google Adsense site.


A number of the products I feature on this site are linked to via affiliate programs, which means I may earn small profit from your clicks.

At present I’m using both Shopsense’s and Amazon’s affiliate program. Shopsense is mainly my preferred program and operates on a pay per click basis (I get paid about 5c per click). Amazon operates on a commission basis  (about 10% of the purchase price). Currently I’d say 80% of my US/International shopping picks are affiliate links. Most of the Australian stores I like don’t currently have affiliate programs so probably only about 10% of them are affiliated.

I am not currently aligned with any brands or being sponsored for posts. All product choices that I feature are made independently by me and I really want to keep it that way as much as possible. I only ever link to products that I think look great (ie. that I would happily purchase myself), that I think you’ll really like and that I feel add value to the blog’s content.

I do my best to feature items from retailers I have personal experience with or I believe to be reputable but please note that I have no real life experience with most of the products I feature. I’m just going off from what I see online so please take appropriate care when purchasing, I can’t always guarantee the quality of a product of the complete reliability of the seller.

If you have any questions  or feedback please feel free to email me at:

ameliamadelaine (at) gmail (dot) com :)