Refashion of the Week: Painting the Inside of Rings with Nail Polish

Here’s a quick refashion for the week. I’ve started painting the inside of my rings with clear nail polish. I’m not as sensitive to cheap rings as I am to cheap earrings but they can still bug me. I’ve found coating the inside of them with clear nail polish has helped a lot. This can help prevent your fingers turning green from the metal too!! It seems to last well – I haven’t needed to reapply it at all yet. I can’t imagine it damaging the jewellery in anyway (in fact it seems to stop the metal discolouring too).
There is also a specially formulated paint available to  help with jewellery sensitivity called Reaction Block. I’m not sure if it’s available from stores yet but you can order it online at the Earring Doctor. I’ve never tried it myself but from what I’ve heard it is somewhat similar to clear nail polish.
For some more advice about dealing with metal sensitivity with earrings see my posts How to Change Earring Hooks to Sterling Silver
Does this work as well for you? Do you have any other great ways to help deal with metal sensitivity???
If you’ve used Reaction Block or something similar – I’d love to hear about your experience with it.

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