Converting Cheap Studs to Sterling Silver – The Hook Method

Here is one method of converting cheap studs to better quality metals. This method is really simple but only works well for spherical or cube studs.

You will need: Cheap studs, quality earring hooks, jewellery pliers, about 2 minutes (for information about jewellery hooks and pliers see my previous post on basic techniques for changing hooks around.)

1. The idea is to bend the metal from stud to create a loop for the hook.
2. Bend the metal back to a 90 degree angle or so.
3. Trim post if necessary. Grab the end of the metal with the jewellery pliers.
4. Gently work the metal around the pliers to begin forming a loop.
5. Keep moving the metal around – be gentle as some cheaper metals can be a little weak.
6. Leave a small space in loop for attaching hook.
7. Slide on hook.
8. Close the loop.
Your done.
Would love to hear from you. Leave your comments or ideas below, send in examples of your own conversions too – would be happy to feature them here.

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