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Hi. I’m Amelia, a waitress and art school grad from Australia. I’m a lover of fashion, food and all things DIY. I’ve decided to begin a blog in order to share some of my ideas, doings and wearings.

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It’s felt like quite a long time since I was on here and writing a blog posts. I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t disappeared completely – I’m still around and do intend to return too. The last few years have been a bit scrambled and busy for me but I’m hoping the next year to begin blogging a bit more again. In the meantime, I’ve become very active on Instagram again – posting about 3-4 times per week – primarily yummy healthy recipes, small crafts I’ve made and pictures of my lovely garden. If you’re on Insta, come and say hi. I’d love to meet you xx


Gift Tags made from old Christmas Cards - Simple DIY Gift Wrapping Idea

DIY Retro/Kitsch Christmas Gift Tags Using Old Christmas Cards

Gift Tags made from old Christmas Cards - Simple DIY Gift Wrapping Idea

I remember making tags like these all the way back when I was in Kindergarten. At the time I thought they were the cutest and cleverest of things and such a great way to use up old Christmas cards! I felt so proud of the amount I made and therefore the amount of Christmas cards I had recycled. I’m not sure what recent event sparked my memory, but earlier this week I had the impulse to dig out all my old cards again. It’s now been quite a few years since I first made them, but the experience was every bit as fun and enjoyable. Using these retro/kitsch style of cards (which I’ve probably had for over 20 years) only added to all the fond memories too. 


Straw Flower Hanging Glass Terrarium for Autumn/Fall DIY

DIY: Autumn Glass Terrarium – Straw Flowers and Moss

Hanging Glass Terrarium Ideas for Autumn/Fall DIY

I absolutely love straw flowers. They are so cute and fun to arrange. I love the  subtle differences in their colours and shapes and how different they look when picked at different stages of their growth.  We’ve been growing many over the past summer and, when looking for something to arrange them in, I discovered this glass terrarium that I knew would be absolutely perfect! I love seeing this sitting on the table. It’s the cutest thing and so simple to make too. I love the Autumn feel to it and so happy to know it will last looking this good throughout the season. 


Lemon and Honey Sour Gummies

Lemon, Lime and Honey Sour Gummies Recipe - Paleo, Healthy Lollies

Happy Easter Weekend! Easter completely crept up on me this year – I was sure it was at least another week away but it was a nice surprise to realise it was this week! Although I’m planning to make some easter chocolates for tomorrow, I also had the desire to make some other sweets too. This was the first time I’d made lollies like this before and it was so much fun! This is a pretty common sort of Paleo recipe, I’ve seen them made with all sorts of fruit before. I was very impressed -they taste SO good and are so much healthier than store-bought lollies too. I’m sure kids would love to both make and eat these!


St Patricks Day Mini Clover Paper Garland for Beer DIY

St Patrick’s Day Mini Paper Clover Garland

St Patricks Day Mini Clover Paper Garland for Beer DIY

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! I feel so happy to have put together another quick DIY together for the celebration. I had this idea of making a paper clover garland after making clover chains in the garden a few weeks back. I wrapped them around some glasses similar to this – they looked so cute but wilted so quickly so I tried to come up with a way to make them last a bit longer. I love how the paper clovers turned out and they are super simple to make too. You could use them to decorate all sorts of things but I love this idea of wrapping them round a glass of St Patrick’s Day stout.


Idea for St Patrick's Day Mini Table Arrangement/Decoration

A Little St Patty’s Day Table Centrepiece

Idea for St Patrick's Day Mini Table Arrangement/DecorationOver the last few days I’ve been getting a few things together for St Patricks Day later this week. Although it’s not a day I traditionally celebrate, I love any excuse to decorate the house and come up with some new fun ideas and ways of arranging things. This is a small little table piece I created using some fresh garden clover and a sprinkling of gold stars. It’s super simple but felt so pretty and appropriate for the occasion. I’ve absolutely loved having it on my table this week.