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Gift Tags made from old Christmas Cards - Simple DIY Gift Wrapping Idea

DIY Retro/Kitsch Christmas Gift Tags Using Old Christmas Cards

Gift Tags made from old Christmas Cards - Simple DIY Gift Wrapping Idea

I remember making tags like these all the way back when I was in Kindergarten. At the time I thought they were the cutest and cleverest of things and such a great way to use up old Christmas cards! I felt so proud of the amount I made and therefore the amount of Christmas cards I had recycled. I’m not sure what recent event sparked my memory, but earlier this week I had the impulse to dig out all my old cards again. It’s now been quite a few years since I first made them, but the experience was every bit as fun and enjoyable. Using these retro/kitsch style of cards (which I’ve probably had for over 20 years) only added to all the fond memories too. 


diy christmas gift ideas

6 Simple DIY Christmas Gift Ideas to Try

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

I feel I’ve left it a bit late to start putting together some shopping gift guides so instead I thought I’d feature some DIY’s I’ve done over the past year or so that would also be great Christmas gifts. These should all be really quick and simple to make too!

  1. Flatback Gem (Rhinestone)  Floral Scarf
  2. White Chocolate Bath Melts
  3. Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Fudge
  4. Resin Cabochon Earrings
  5. Origami Butterfly Teabags
  6. Egg-carton Succulents

Hope all your Christmas prep has been going well so far. Hope you see some ideas you like here :)

Succulent gift ideas - Egg carton succulents

Egg-carton Succulents – A Simple Planter and Gift Idea

Egg-Carton Succulents - A simple planter and gift idea.

I was so excited to find this carton of succulents waiting for me when I got up this Sunday morning. My Mum had just been over to a school fair where they were selling all sorts of cacti and brought these cute little ones home especially for me. I thought the egg carton was such a great temporary planter idea, especially for a gifting someone a wide range of plants (would be an awesome house warming or hostess gift), that I wanted to share it with you here!

Egg-Carton Succulents - Succulent Gift Idea and Planter (more…)