Straw Flower Hanging Glass Terrarium for Autumn/Fall DIY

DIY: Autumn Glass Terrarium – Straw Flowers and Moss

Hanging Glass Terrarium Ideas for Autumn/Fall DIY

I absolutely love straw flowers. They are so cute and fun to arrange. I love the  subtle differences in their colours and shapes and how different they look when picked at different stages of their growth.  We’ve been growing many over the past summer and, when looking for something to arrange them in, I discovered this glass terrarium that I knew would be absolutely perfect! I love seeing this sitting on the table. It’s the cutest thing and so simple to make too. I love the Autumn feel to it and so happy to know it will last looking this good throughout the season. 


St Patricks Day Mini Clover Paper Garland for Beer DIY

St Patrick’s Day Mini Paper Clover Garland

St Patricks Day Mini Clover Paper Garland for Beer DIY

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! I feel so happy to have put together another quick DIY together for the celebration. I had this idea of making a paper clover garland after making clover chains in the garden a few weeks back. I wrapped them around some glasses similar to this – they looked so cute but wilted so quickly so I tried to come up with a way to make them last a bit longer. I love how the paper clovers turned out and they are super simple to make too. You could use them to decorate all sorts of things but I love this idea of wrapping them round a glass of St Patrick’s Day stout.


DIY Garden Flower Arrangement : Rose, Geranium, Parsley and Chive

Mini Garden Flower Arrangement: Rose, Geranium, Parsley and Chive

DIY Mini Garden Flower Arrangement : Rose, Geranium, Parsley and Chive

I’ve had my eye on these garlic chive flowers for the past few weeks and now they are just beginning to open! I love the cute star-light quality of these flowers and feel they add such a nice detail to arrangements. I’ve really enjoyed having these flowers on my table, the colours and shapes feel so cheery together. The pink of this geranium is absolutely stunning too!


DIY mini summer flower arrangements

Mini Summer Flower Arrangements (From My Garden)

DIY mini summer flower arrangementsPetunia and String Bean Leaves

Hi everyone! I’m back again after my Christmas break – It ended up being a bit of a longer break than I expected but it has been nice and restful and I now feel inspired and ready to get back blogging. I thought I’d share a bit of a colourful summery post today as autumn is beginning to close in on us now – these are some mini floral arrangements I’ve done over the past few weeks using flowers from my garden. I don’t usually have a very large range of flowers to choose from where I live but I love being creative with them none the less and coming up with a different arrangement every week or so. I think smaller arrangements are so adorable too and its’ so fun to scatter them in different locations around the house. As you will see, I love including all sorts of flowers and leaves, such as those found in the veggie patch, herb garden or also amongst all the weeds!

DIY mini summer flower arragementsSnapdragons, Pink Cornflower, Alyssum  and Fern

DIY mini summer floral arrangementsOregano Flowers

DIY mini summer flower arrangement ideasFloating Borage Flowers

DIY-mini-summer-flower-arrangements-6-bit-squareRose, Oregano and Pineapple Sage Leaves

Mini summer flower arragementsJasmine, Petunia, Geraniums (Pink, Coral and Red), Nasturtium, and unknown orange flower buds. A Floating white rose in the background.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season – wow that feels like so long ago now and strange to say that! Do you like making mini flower arrangements like these too? If you do I’d love to hear about them!

diy christmas gift ideas

6 Simple DIY Christmas Gift Ideas to Try

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

I feel I’ve left it a bit late to start putting together some shopping gift guides so instead I thought I’d feature some DIY’s I’ve done over the past year or so that would also be great Christmas gifts. These should all be really quick and simple to make too!

  1. Flatback Gem (Rhinestone)  Floral Scarf
  2. White Chocolate Bath Melts
  3. Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Fudge
  4. Resin Cabochon Earrings
  5. Origami Butterfly Teabags
  6. Egg-carton Succulents

Hope all your Christmas prep has been going well so far. Hope you see some ideas you like here :)