DIY: How to Make Simple Resin Flower Earrings

I have always absolutely adored resin cabochons and especially resin flower cabochon earrings, so I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to ever order some for myself – and I kind of ordered a lot at once! I got all these from ebay, most came from China. I really only wanted a few to make some earrings for myself and friends but it turned out cheaper (and some only possible) to order in bulk. I’m actually hoping to set up an Etsy site to sell some jewellery in the coming months so you may see some of these there :)
I did a DIY last year on How to Make Basic Stud (Post) Earrings which is basically exactly the same as what I’m doing here. I just thought these were so cute that I couldn’t resist doing another one especailly for them :)
You will need:
Resin Flower Cabochons (available from Ebay, Amazon or Etsy), Post Findings, Super Glue
Dot some super glue on the back of the cabochons and place on studs. Leave for several hours or overnight to dry. As soon as they are dry they are ready to wear :)

You’ll want to pick a stud finding that is similar size to the cabochon so that the glue has more surface to stick to. If the post finding is too small it won’t be strong enough to hold the cabochon.

Earring Post/Stud findings are available from craft stores. Ebay, Amazon and Etsy sell them too, plus I’ve got a few links to craft sites in my links tab :)

Lots of jeweller’s use E6000 as it’s one of the strongest glues for metal, just be warned that it does have rather toxic fumes though (will give you headaches). I prefer to use a non-toxic superglue (such as Ultimate Glue by Crafter’s Pick) or mixing a small batch of non-toxic epoxy resin (such as Little Windows). 

Make sure to double check the size of the cabochons when you’re ordering them – they can range from a couple of millimetres up until several centimetres and the photos can be a bit misleading sometimes.

I’ve had great experience ordering these direct from China (on ebay). You can get all sorts of bulk lots for less than $4 and they pretty much always offer free postage (although it does usually take a couple of week to arrive, sometimes even up to a month).

Watch out for sellers on ebay or Etsy that sell mixed packs of all sorts of different colours and styles. They are usually a little more expensive but worth it if you don’t want to end up with a number of bulk lots with heaps leftover.

It’s easy to change the colour of the cabochons with nail polish too :)

A few other uses for cabochons:
A hope to do a few more DIYs with these in the near future but a few ideas include glueing them to ring findings, sunglasses, bobby pins, shoes, a clutch or a headband. You can drill a hole in them to create a bead. You could glue a magnet to the back of them to make some super cute decor for your fridge. They would make adorable game tiles too.
Are you in love resin flowers too?? What sorts of things have you made with them?

Happy Easter for tomorrow everyone :)

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