Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Fudge Recipe – 3 Ingredients!


Merry Christmas everyone!!! Here is an early christmas present for you all. This is one of my favourite sweets to make – it’s simple, quick and absolutely delicious too (perfect for last minute Christmas hurry).

The fudge is velvety smooth and rich with the raspberries adding a beautiful tart freshness (it’s very nice to eat).

Adapt any measurements to suit you. I usually just measure by eye on for this one. If you like it more chocolatey, add more chocolate. If you like it more fudgey add more butter. If you don’t like raspberries, leave them out and add anything else that takes your fancy (or have it plain).

You could use milk chocolate for this too and add some sugar. I chose dark as it’s my favourite. I have tried this recipe with white chocolate too but I couldn’t get it to stop splitting with the butter. 

This is of course gluten free too, as long as you use gluten free chocolate and icing sugar. :)

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Fudge
Make about 20 pieces (like pictured)


200g (7 oz) Dark Chocolate, Broken (I like the Nestle Plaistowe 70% Cooking Chocolate)

110g (4 1/2 oz) Unsalted Butter, Cubed

A good handful or so of fresh or frozen raspberries (best is thawed first)


An extra half block (100g/4 oz) or so of chocolate to melt on top

A spoonful of liqueur (if you like) Creme De Fromboise (or any raspberry flavoured liqueur), kirsch, even a little of something orange flavoured would be nice too – like Cointreau.

Icing Sugar to decorate.

You will also need: A small baking pan (or a tupperwear container) – I used a 15cm x 15 cm (6″x6″) one here, grease proof (baking) paper, a small saucepan, a wooden spoon, a mixing bowl,


1. Measure out ingredients. Line baking pan with grease-proof (baking) paper.

2. Bring about 1 1/2 cups of water (1″ depth of water or so) to boil in the saucepan and let it simmer at a low temperature.

3. Place the broken chocolate in a bowl over the saucepan. I like to prop the bowl up on a spoon (like pictured) so steam can escape easily from the side. (You could melt this is the microwave too of course).

4. Stir chocolate with a wooden spoon until it has melted.

5. Add the butter and keep stirring until that has melted too.

6. Take the bowl off the heat (use oven mits as bowl can get hot!) and stir in raspberries. It’s nice if some remain whole while some break apart so you get a mix of both. Add some liqueur at this stage too it you like.

7.  Pour mixture into baking pan. Cover, and let it set for a few hours or overnight.

8. Once it’s set it’s ready! If you like though you can melt some extra chocolate to pour on top. Let it set again and cut with a sharp knife.

9. Serve with a dust of icing sugar and good christmas cheer.

This fudge does melt in warmer temperatures so make sure to store in fridge.

It can be a bit messy to eat too (serviettes may be needed if hot) but it’s totally worth it!

This one of my favourite sweets to make – and all it is is melted chocolate and butter!


Hope this works out for you. Let me know how you enjoy it :)

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