Mini Window Sill Flower Arrangement with Petunias

Mini Window Sill Flower Arrangement with Petunias

Mini Window Sill Flower Arrangement with Petunias

I was feeling a little inspired during the week and created this cute arrangement of petunias for the kitchen window sill. I had the idea of using this small glass trinket dish as a vase to lay the flowers in horizontally so that the light would catch it from behind. It looked so pretty! I loved it so much that I felt the need to share it here! I love how the flowers glow, almost as if they are made of stained glass. I’m feeling really excited to try more arrangements like this now. A tip if you try this though –  the water dries up really fast so it needs to be topped up often!  


2 Ways to Wear a Rose Print Skirt

2 Ways to Wear a Rose Print Pencil Skirt

How to Style: 2 Ways to Wear a Rose Print Pencil Skirt

I’m in love with this rose skirt from Myer! Such a pretty design, the perfect length and shape – it really doesn’t need much as it’s so lovely in and of itself. I love it with red and with black so I’ve just stuck to that here, choosing some simple structured pieces to complement it nicely.

The last few posts like this I made an effort to find items that were affordable and available to everyone but I’m finding this takes a ridiculous amount of time and kind of takes the fun out of it for me. This time I’ve just used items that were promoted by Polyvore, mostly insanely expensive and on other side of the world so sorry about that! Hope you enjoy the styling anyway  :)

Here are the links from Polyvore just in case you are curious about anything but please note that they are not chosen as shopping picks by me: Topshop biker jacket / Leona Edmiston clothing / Uniqlo clothing / Burberry over the knee boots / Verali flat shoes / David jones handbag / Suzywan DELUXE black earrings / Topshop earrings,  / Faux fur shawl / ‘Lia’ Facetted Pod With Metal Tassel OLGA BERG  / Loop Leather Co Madison

How would you style this gorgeous skirt?

Valentine's Day Confetti Fruit Salad - Melon Hearts

Valentine’s Day Confetti Fruit Salad – Melon Hearts

Confetti Fruit Salad - Melon Hearts

Yay! I’m so happy I managed to get a post together in time for Valentine’s Day! I’ve had this one in mind all week and was beginning to feel worried that I wasn’t going to get a chance to post it! My original idea was to make some large pink watermelon hearts for a berry fruit salad but had to change that as I found I didn’t have a cutter. As a last minute change of plan I made some cute pastel-hued heart confetti from a super tiny heart cutter that I did have. I absolutely love how they turned out, they not only look super cute but are so yummy too. (more…)

DIY Garden Flower Arrangement : Rose, Geranium, Parsley and Chive

Mini Garden Flower Arrangement: Rose, Geranium, Parsley and Chive

DIY Mini Garden Flower Arrangement : Rose, Geranium, Parsley and Chive

I’ve had my eye on these garlic chive flowers for the past few weeks and now they are just beginning to open! I love the cute star-light quality of these flowers and feel they add such a nice detail to arrangements. I’ve really enjoyed having these flowers on my table, the colours and shapes feel so cheery together. The pink of this geranium is absolutely stunning too!


DIY mini summer flower arrangements

Mini Summer Flower Arrangements (From My Garden)

DIY mini summer flower arrangementsPetunia and String Bean Leaves

Hi everyone! I’m back again after my Christmas break – It ended up being a bit of a longer break than I expected but it has been nice and restful and I now feel inspired and ready to get back blogging. I thought I’d share a bit of a colourful summery post today as autumn is beginning to close in on us now – these are some mini floral arrangements I’ve done over the past few weeks using flowers from my garden. I don’t usually have a very large range of flowers to choose from where I live but I love being creative with them none the less and coming up with a different arrangement every week or so. I think smaller arrangements are so adorable too and its’ so fun to scatter them in different locations around the house. As you will see, I love including all sorts of flowers and leaves, such as those found in the veggie patch, herb garden or also amongst all the weeds!

DIY mini summer flower arragementsSnapdragons, Pink Cornflower, Alyssum  and Fern

DIY mini summer floral arrangementsOregano Flowers

DIY mini summer flower arrangement ideasFloating Borage Flowers

DIY-mini-summer-flower-arrangements-6-bit-squareRose, Oregano and Pineapple Sage Leaves

Mini summer flower arragementsJasmine, Petunia, Geraniums (Pink, Coral and Red), Nasturtium, and unknown orange flower buds. A Floating white rose in the background.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season – wow that feels like so long ago now and strange to say that! Do you like making mini flower arrangements like these too? If you do I’d love to hear about them!