Valentine's Day Confetti Fruit Salad - Melon Hearts

Valentine’s Day Confetti Fruit Salad – Melon Hearts

Confetti Fruit Salad - Melon Hearts

Yay! I’m so happy I managed to get a post together in time for Valentine’s Day! I’ve had this one in mind all week and was beginning to feel worried that I wasn’t going to get a chance to post it! My original idea was to make some large pink watermelon hearts for a berry fruit salad but had to change that as I found I didn’t have a cutter. As a last minute change of plan I made some cute pastel-hued heart confetti from a super tiny heart cutter that I did have. I absolutely love how they turned out, they not only look super cute but are so yummy too. (more…)

Candy Corn Fruit Kebabs. Healthy Halloween Treats. Featured Image

Candy Corn Fruit Kebabs

Candy Corn Fruit Kebabs. Healthy Halloween Recipes.

Here’s a nice simple idea for a healthy but super yummy Halloween party treat. I’ve become rather intrigued by Candy Corn lately after seeing it practically everywhere online these last couple of months. We don’t have it in Australia but I think it’s a super cute design and love seeing it used in so many different, creative ways. As tropical fruit is particularly good this time of year too (plus a favourite of mine) I thought I’d make some little fruit kebabs using the pattern. The syrup I’ve served alongside it is made from passionfruit and honey (and I liked that it looked rather creepy for the occasion too!)