How to: Convert Lever Backs to Sterling Silver

Here’s another post about how to convert cheap fashion earrings to better quality metals. Sterling silver, gold or surgical steel hooks are all easily available for this.

This method is a bit longer than my last few ones as you need to adjust the direction of the hook’s loop so that the earring will face the right way. Here it goes.

You’ll need: Cheap lever backs, quality metal hooks, jewellery pliers, about 5minutes.
For more information about types of hooks and use of jewellery pliers see this previous post.

1. The curved part of metal at the top of the lever back is what we’ll use to create a loop for the hook.
2. Open the lever back.
3. Cut off the hinge part with jewellery pliers. This can leave a bit of a sharp piece of metal so you might want to sand it back.
4. Lever back without the hinge.
5. Cut wire in half, leaving about 1cm of metal to bend at top.
6. Lever back ready to bend.
7. Grab the end of the metal with the jewellery pliers.
8. Begin creating a loop by gently curling metal back. Be slow and gentle – the metal wire in cheaper earrings is generally weaker than most craft jewellery wire. Some metals can be quite firm and require a bit of strength to bend.
9. Leave a small gap in loop for attaching hook.
10. Grab a couple of hooks. The loops will need to be opened and straightened out.
11. Hooks with straightened loops. Simply use pliers to do this – you can get specific pliers to straighten metal (nylon jaw pliers), but basic jewellery pliers will work just fine here.
12. Form a loop in the opposite direction and close. 
13. Insert hooks onto former lever backs. 
14. Close loop.
Here we are!
Would love to hear your thoughts and experience :)

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