DIY Necklace Extender

It’s fun to play around with necklace lengths and making a necklace extender is super easy! Here’s how:
What you’ll need: Jewellery chain (around  3-4mm width is best), a necklace clasp, jewellery pliers, jump rings (optional).
The Steps:
1. Decide on your length of chain. This is really up to you and the type of necklace you’re using it for. About three inches is what I chose here.
2. You can either open the chain link with jewellery pliers (having 2 sets of pliers makes this easier) or just cut right through it.
3. Attach clasp. You can use a jump ring to do this or link directly to the chain. I think a jump ring gives a nicer finish but it really doesn’t matter.
4. The end result! You can attach a small bead to the end it you like for a more professional look.
How to attach:
And now you can play with lengths!!
Here are some leftovers from previous refashions (you may recognise some of these!) I see lots of potential necklace extenders here!!

Jewellery chain, clasps and pliers are available at most craft shops and online jewellery supply sites. I’ve got a few links in my links tab. You can also buy something called extension chain which is basically a necklace extender without the clasp. Have fun!
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