Create Your Own Black and White Summer Style

Create Your Own Black and White Outfit

I’ve selected some of my favourite black and white summer pieces from this season at Polyvore.

Using the arrows, click through the carousels to create your own fun, black and white summer look!!

Hint: There are 14 items on each carousel. Click directly on an item for it’s details on Polyvore :)

Take a screenshot if you come up with some great combos!

PC – Alt + PrintScreen (PrtScn) (should be saved to clipboard)
Mac – Command + Shift + 4 (should be saved to desktop)

Click the arrows on the right to start

Here are a few I came up with. Number 5 is my favourite! Which one do you like?

5 Ways Monochrome

Finishing touches???………..

As amazing as monochromatic looks are, if you’re anything like me you’ll feel the need to add some sort of life and colour into the outfit. Coloured accessories and bold red lips are the usual complements, so here are a few different ideas to try: 

(Click images for item details)

Brightly Coloured Eyeliner/Eyeshadow


For a minimal but dramatic look a bold coloured eyeliner is an incredible look with black and white. Think deep blues, electric purples, neon greens, vibrant pinks and yellows. You can use a damp liner brush to convert any eyeshadow colour you have into a liner. A shimmery, subtle colour across the entire lid is another pretty way of bringing some colour in.
There are some great examples of fun eye makeup ideas at my Pinterest board here.

Bright Blush

Brightly coloured blushes are really fun and can look super pretty and natural when put on correctly.  Powder, cream to powder blush, cheek stains, even bold coloured lipstick can all be used alone or combined to add colour to cheeks.
Here is a great video by Lisa Eldridge showing a gorgeous, minimal makeup look with an extra rosy  cheek.
Coloured Highlights

Hair Colour

Something really different? There are so many options for adding temporary colour to your hair – hair shadows, chalks, paints, sprays, extensions and even mascaras. You can play with one, or why not all of them at once!!!
Those are my three ideas for bringing a bit of colour into a monochramic look? What are some of your favourite and creative ways to do this?

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