Australian Shopping Special: Jewellery, Flowers, Bows and a bit of Animal Print.

Aussie Shopping

I usually do these shopping posts from international stores but I thought I’d treat Australia today. I’ve done quite a bit of shopping the last week or so, both in store and online and have come across so many lovely things. I’ve done so well in finding summer dresses especially – there are so many around this season. I got some really great sandals and shoes too – Big W has amazing sandals this year.

1. Black Chandelier Drop Earrings LOVISA $16.99
2. Design Studio Beaded Statement Necklace MYER $14 (on sale)
3. Red Square Faceted Stud Earrings LOVISA $7.99
4. Red Carved Flower Ring DIVA $9.99
5. Basque ‘Evie’ Tote Bag in Pink MYER $83.30
6. 5 Row Sectioned Bead Bracelet EQUIP $7.50 (on sale)
7. Ruched Shoulder Stretch Knit Tee TARGET $15
8. Contrast Floral Print Skirt TARGET $49
9. Silky Bow Clip/Brooch EQUIP $7.99
10. Lana Lace-Up Canvas Shoes TARGET $17.50

Some of these stores do post internationally too so it could be worth checking out if you really like something.

I absolutely love this skirt! – I think I might actually go back and get this. The shoes are super cute too, I missed seeing them in store but always love anything black and white animal print.

See any items here you like?

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