Christmas Gift Ideas Continued: Something a Bit More Special with Najo and Tiffany’s

Here are a  few ideas for some extra special Chirstmas gifts. I have a bit of an obsession with Sterling Silver, it’s my favourite metal by far, and for me it’s always very special.  So for this guide I chose some of my favourite pieces from Tiffany’s and Najo to share.


Links and Prices are from the US store but I imagine most of these would be available everywhere.
For a lot of people Tiffany’s is super special, but it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive – All the pieces I chose are $200 or under!

6. Bow Bracelet $175

And for everyone in Australia: Najo! My favourite!

I love all of these. I have pair similar to number 4 and they are one of my absolute staple pairs of earrings. I love the rings here and the Cute as a Button Studs too.

I’d love to find some more contemporary silver sites or brands from the States. Leave me a comment if you know of any good ones!
11 Days to Go!

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