Favourites from the Target Spring Jewelry Collection 2014 (USA)

I get incredibly, stupidly excited when stores begin bringing in their new jewellery collections. As I’m still patiently waiting for stores like Target here to update their racks for Autumn, I’ve been looking online and noticed that Target USA had just released their line – and I was so excited to look through this too even though I know they don’t even ship to Australia!  I was actually quite surprised by the collection here as the colours and styles felt very Fall/Winter to me.
I adore the blue necklaces and stretch bracelet. Which ones do you like?????
To see the full collection click here :)
2. Stud Earrings Blue/Silver $7.99 (not sure why description says gold/pink??)
If any of these links don’t work you can get them from Polyvore here
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