Making Clip-On Earrings More Comfortable

How gorgeous are these earrings!! And would you believe they were only $5 at Harris Scarfe! I know you can’t really see too well in these photos but they have a little metal bump inside them where it pinches your ears and its rather sharp! I thought about converting them to posts but it was going to be rather difficult with this style. Instead I came up with another solution – to make a little cushion to stick over the top of them. I have these little coloured foam pieces that were perfect too (I’m not sure what they are called as I’ve had them since I was a kid. I imagine you could still get them from craft stores though. Anyone know?? )
(How do you make long images like this larger in Blogger??)
So all I did was cut out two little circles from one of the white pieces of foam and glue them over the bumps – it took 2mins. They seem pretty secure  and make the earrings considerably more comfortable. I am noticing that the foam is flattening over time so I may need to replace them every so often – which really wouldn’t be a hassle at all.
Hopefully this helps! I imagine this would work with other clip-ons too. The pinch was slightly firmer after putting on the foam but the clasps on these particular ones were a little looser than usual. 
Other Options
If you’d like more help making clip-ons more comfortable I suggest looking at the Earring Doctor (I’ve never actually ordered anything from here myself but I’ve heard good things about them). They have all sorts of things such as specific clip-on cushions and clip-ons looseners/tighteners (called Clip-Kease, or Comfort Key for Clip-Ons).  I just did a quick search on amazon too and they have a few things too:

How do you like wearing clip-ons?? Do they tend to hurt your ears too?
PS: I did a post earlier about Sterling Silver Clip-Ons which I’ve found much more comfortable.
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