The 5 Essential Earrings to Own (and Pack When Travelling)

In the last few years or so I’ve worked out a few formulas to help me pack for a vacation and also to help fill in some gaps in my wardrobe. Today I thought I’d share an earring formula that helps me work out the best choices to take.  
The 5 Essential Earrings to Own:
A BASIC NEUTRAL – Something simple that will go with everything, including a necklace, like a round stud or a small drop, generally metallic but not necessarily.   
A DRESSY NEUTRAL – Another simple earrings but a little bit more dressy such as a pearl or something with some sparkle, usually a post earring.
A POP OF COLOUR – a solid pop of colour of a favourite colour, something that will go with the majority of your wardrobe. These are usually a statement post or a single beaded earring.

A NEUTRAL STATEMENT – A larger neutral earring, usually metallic too, that is fairly simple such as a hoop, tassel or disc. 

A FUN STATEMENT – An earring you love wearing just because it’s awesome, something that will make a statement on it’s own and look great with a basic tee. These can be single coloured, multi-coloured, patterned, textured, whatever you like. 

A Few of My Favourite 5 Earrings to Pack:
These links just go to the stores – I can’t imagine any of these would be online still
Blue Studs LOVISA (Pop of Colour) // Studs made from Flatback Gem (Dressy Basic Neutral) // Small Silver Squares PASTICHE // Large Silver Circles PASTICHE // Red Statements (refashioned with nail polish) BIG W- (Fun Statements)
These are a few of my favourite earrings and ones I wear at lot of. I would say I wear a basic neutral about 40% of the time. I think it’s really important to have a few great neutrals that you absolutely  love, they are really the best types of earrings to invest in. Whatever colour I choose as my ‘Pop of Colour’ earrings, I’ll try to choose a ‘Fun Statement’ earring in the opposite colour i.e. a cool coloured pair and a warm coloured pair. This gives me more variety with my outfits.
I hope this is of some help.
What do you think of this formula? What would you consider as your essential earrings?

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