DIY Fresh Flower Earrings

The little violas have been so pretty in my garden this summer. I was sitting there thinking about perhaps an arrangement or DIY I could do with them, when this idea struck me – to wear them as a pair of earrings! 
You will need: 
Flowers, headpins, earring backs, jewellery pliers. 
Or you can also use: Two small basic studs – ball/crystal ones are nice
(Tip: I use sterling silver headpins as I’m a bit sensitive to metals)


1. Insert headpins (or post earrings) through centre of flowers – making sure it goes through a thick part of the flower. 

2. Cut the headpin back to 1cm (a bit over a 1/4inch).
3. You’ll probably get a bit of pollen and muck over the headpin, so it’s a good idea to wipe this off with some paper towel (some flowers/plants can be quite irritating to the skin, make sure your not allergic too, especially if you are wearing these for a wedding/special party) I also wiped it with some alcohol to make sure it was really clean.

4. Your done!

These violas were quite delicate so I had to be rather gentle with them. They probably lasted about an hour looking ok. I think this would be such a pretty idea for a party or wedding.

If you find them a bit difficult to insert I find rubbing my ear and the post with antiseptic cream (Savlon or something similar) really helps them go in.

Here are a couple of other flowers I’ve tried:

Daises with gold posts.
Some red flowers with a pair of sparkly rhinestone studs. 
The petals kept falling of these ones though!
Have you ever made fresh flower earrings or jewellery? What sort of flowers have you used? Let me know how you go making these :)

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