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Ways to Wear: 5 Party Looks with Blue Shoes

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I love brightly coloured anything so it’s no surprise that I love brightly coloured shoes too. I came across these gorgeous cobalt blue ones from ASOS during the week and as I currently don’t have anything quite like it, I thought I’d have a go at styling them.

I found that, because the shoes were such a bold colour, it was best to keep the rest of the outfits pretty simple. I think they look particularly great with the skinny jeans – looks 2 and 5 are probably my favourite overall – I love them with the lighter blues and purple too though. What do you think?

What do you think of the looks? How would you style a blue pair of pumps?
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Click here for item details on Polyvore
(I choose these items from the Polyvore vaults purely as examples of styling.  Most should be available for purchase if your interested but they are not necessarily intended as shopping recommendations by me).

8 Piece Remix – Spring/Autumn Looks

I thought I’d have some fun today and do a remix. I love creating these mini capsule wardrobes and mixing everything up to see what results. I usually find that I come up with some great combinations I would never have thought of before. For today’s one I chose some simple, staple pieces that would be appropriate for the upcoming Spring/Autumn weather. Usually I like to have a balance of tops and bottoms for remixes but as these seasons are perfect for layering, I thought I’d change things up a bit. I selected 2 cardigans, 1 sweater, a long sleeve top, a long sleeve shirt, 2 pairs of jeans and one polka dot skirt. I then accessorised till my heart was content (as that’s always my favourite bit!)
Here are some basic remixes:
I just chose these items from the Polyvore vaults but they are usually available if you’re interested.
And here is all the fun I’ve had accessorising:
Click here and here for accessory details on Polyvore :)
I stopped at 12 looks today – but there were more I could have done too.  My secret to this particular remix is that I chose colours and simple patterns that I knew would go together. This isn’t of course necessary, and you may find that you come up with more interesting and unique combinations by first picking pieces that you think will clash.
Which looks are your favourite? Have you ever created a capsule/remix wardrobe? 

5 Ways to Wear a Grid Pattern Print Top

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Today’s 5 Ways features the Sarah Woven Diamond Grid Print Drawstring Top from Boohoo. This grid type of print seems to be really popular this season, I’m seeing it everywhere! (at least in Australia – is this the same for you guys everywhere else too??). I’m a huge fan of stripes as well as gingham/tartan but I’ve found these more structured, rigid grid prints a bit harder to get into. So I was surprised to find that I actually really quite liked this Boohoo one. I think the larger print as well as the fact it’s set on an angle makes it much more flattering. I really like the nice tied peplum detail on it too. I still feel the pattern needs to be broken up a bit though by accessories/layering – which is what I did with most of the looks here:
I chose to do all casual/brunch/lunch sort of looks this time.
Click here for other item details on Polyvore
Click here for other item details on Polyvore
I think I actually like this top more after styling it too. I especially like looks two and three – even though number 3 doesn’t break up the pattern.
What do you think? Do you like the grid pattern trend? Which is your favourite look?
Here are a few more options available. The Boohoo one also comes in white:
(Target Australia has LOTS of this at the moment)

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A Year With: Jacqui-E Sapphire Check Skirt

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Here’s another something from Jacqui-E for this weeks Way to Wear. I am a HUGE Jacqui-E fan. I actually avoid going into this shop sometimes as there is always way too much there that I’d want to buy!

Anyway, I had a good look around the online store earlier in the week and this is one skirt I thought was really pretty.  I haven’t seen this in real life yet but I hoping it’s as lovely as it looks here. So before I buy it (or at least try it on) I thought I’d see how it would style. As structured skirts like this are great to wear all year round – I thought I’d do exactly that with it here.

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Click here for other item details on Polyvore

I had a lot of fun styling this and really like how it’s looking. Hmm….I think the summer looks are my favourite though. They actually also have this pattern in a dress too but I think I like the skirt better. 

What do you think? Do you like this skirt? Which is your favourite look?

I found something sort of similar for everyone else from Topshop. I think this would style similarly to the Jacqui-E skirt. I absolutely love how they’ve styled it here too.
Jacqui-E (Australia) // Topshop (UK/USA/International)
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5 Ways To Wear: White Statement Necklace

Hi everyone :) Last week I shared a few new necklaces I purchased over the holidays – well one of those was a white statement one so I thought I’d do a 5 ways with something similar. This particular necklace is from Lovisa (Australia) and is really similar to my one from Diva. (I’ve tried finding one that’s internationally available with little luck yet – if you’re interested in one I find the best places to look are  Shop StyleThe Find, or Amazon). 
I did more of a Spring/Summer feel to these looks as I’m usually more drawn to wearing white in the warmer months, but this necklace can look especially pretty with heavier winter colours such as solid black or navy too.
I kept the looks quite simple as the pure white really makes such a bold statement. I think the lunch look is my favourite as I love that skirt and how the necklace frames the entire outfit. The date look is fun too as I think the white on white is really pretty :) 

I think a great white statement (or your favourite neutral) necklace is such a great basic to have in your wardrobe. It really is so easy to style and looks so great worn in so many ways. 
Which look is your favourite? How would you wear a white necklace?

All the clothes featured here are from the Polyvore vaults and are usually available for purchase if your interested. You can get the links here. :)
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5 Holiday Party Looks (with a Little Black Dress)

5 Holiday Party Looks
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I think holiday wear can be so fun. I especially love the more classic, simple looks (like Audrey Hepburn), so today I put together 5 ways to wear a little black dress for the coming weeks ahead. For my festive touches I chose metallics, winter red, emerald green, royal purple, white, pearls, snowflakes and lots of bling and sparkle.
LBD Accessories
I selected all these items from the vaults of Polyvore but most are probably for sale if you’re interested in any :)
I think I like outfit number 2 the most. I absolutely love that necklace against the black and with the red clutch it’s so dramatic.  I’d also love number 3 too.
I created these looks with winter/night in mind. If you’re like me though and have Christmas in the Summer, pairing some pink with the red I find makes the outfit feel a bit more summery – wearing white and lighter neutrals too.
Which look is your favourite?
What festive touches do you like to bring into your holiday looks?
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