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Shopping: 3 Looks

I put together a few simple looks for my shopping post this week – all looks I thought would be suitable for a casual brunch/lunch out. Hope you like them :)
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Outfit 1: T-Shirt BOOHOO, Blazer BOOHOO, Jeans MANGO, Earrings FOREVER 21, Clutch BOOHOO, Shoes ASOS
Outfit 2: Top BOOHOO, Skirt SHEINSIDE, Earrings BAUBLEBAR, Bag ASOS, Shoes ASOS
Outfit 3: Top MANGO, Pants BOOHOO, Earrings ASOS, Bag ASOS, Shoes BOOHOO
Any of these looks or items a favourite?

5 Ways: Yellow Neon Crystal Necklace

I think splashes of neon can be so pretty in an outfit, especially when paired with lots of colour. I discovered this great statement necklace during the week at Baublebar and thought I’d do a 5 Ways with it as it was something a bit different. I started off with a few casual looks and ended with a couple of dressier/party looks. Hope you like them :)
Crystal Cord Collar BAUBLEBAR $30 (On Sale)
(They have several colours in this same style too)


Which look is your favourite? Are you still loving neon this season?

5 Casual Looks with a Black Pencil Skirt

Click here for item details at Polyovre (or see bottom of post)
I love the idea of incorporating professional type attire into everyday, casual looks. As black pencil skirts are a particular favourite of mine, I thought I’d try a few looks out with one.
Generally, the less structure and more ‘stuff’  going on in an outfit (colour, texture, softer flowing fabric) the more casual the look will be. I think shoes, bag and hairstyle probably play the largest role in establishing the level of dress. So, for more of a casual look think sandals, ballet flats or lace-ups,  less structured bags and messy/fun hairdos.
Item Details from PolyvoreMoschino floral top, 700 AUD / DKNY loose t shirt, 145 AUD / Short sleeve t shirt, 89 AUD / Gap blue cashmere sweater, 19 AUD / Jacqueline De Yong red top, 25 AUD / Knit pencil skirt, 425 AUD / Activewear pants / Wolford tight, 56 AUD / Sergio Rossi leather ankle boots, 385 AUD / Snake skin flat, 79 AUD / A2 by Aerosoles t strap sandals, 54 AUD / Slip on sandals, 32 AUD / Forever 21 pointed flat, 25 AUD / Coach pink hobo handbag, 410 AUD / Sandqvist leather laptop messenger bag, 230 AUD / Nannini messenger bag purse, 195 AUD / Tyler Rodan red satchel, 71 AUD / Puma cat tote bag, 81 AUD / Rebecca flower jewelry, 455 AUD / Vince camuto jewelry, 35 AUD / Vince Camuto fake earrings, 22 AUD / Orange necklace, 16 AUD / Acrylic jewelry / Tear drop earrings, 6.48 AUD / Codello scarve, 22 AUD / Naf Naf belt, 40 AUD
Some Shopping Options:

Here are a few black pencil skirts that are currently available. These are all under $100 and should be available internationally too. Macy’s actually has several more nice ones at the moment which I didn’t include here – so it’s definitely worth a look there if these ones  don’t suit.
Please note that I’m using affiliated links here which means I earn a few cents for any clicks. Learn more at my disclosure page :)

Which look is your favourite? How do you like to  
wear a black pencil skirt?

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5 Ways to Wear: How to Style a Dark Floral Pencil Skirt

Click here for other item details on Polyvore
You might remember I featured this skirt last week in my Australian Shopping Picks! Well, I went in store again this week to actually try it on. It is absolutely stunning!  I am in love with it. It actually has quite a sheen to it too  (this shows more in the video online) which lends it more to dressier/night time looks. I thought I’d style it for all occasions here though as a general example of a dark floral pencil skirt.
I didn’t end up buying this in the end – I bought the dress instead! I was planning to feature that here too but it looks like it’s sold out online (there were only a few left in store too- doesn’t surprise me). The dress in an identical print but doesn’t have quite the same sheen to it. It’s every bit as lovely if you’re lucky enough to see it in stores :)
Click here for other item details on Polyvore
Jacqui-E does post internationally starting from $25. If you check it out make sure you double check the sizes as Australian sizes are a little different. If I get a chance in the next couple of days I’ll try and track down some more dark floral skirts available internationally too.
Which look is your favourite??? Are you in love with dark florals as much as me??

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5 Ways to Wear a Cobalt Blue Skirt

Click here for item details on Polyvore
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I thought I’d do a ways to wear today as I hadn’t done one for a while and I came across this pretty skirt from ASOS too. Cobalt Blue has always been one of my favourite colours and I’ve been on the lookout for a nice, casual mid-length skirt in the blue for a while now. This one from ASOS is made from jersey, which is one of my favourite fabrics for skirts and dresses. It has a nice panel detail too. Alright so I’m not entirely crazy about the scrunched elastic waist band but I guess it’s kind of ok for casual looks and could be covered with a wide belt for more dressy ones (which looks nice with skirts anyway and which I probably should have done here) – I managed to find two other options though that are sort of similar which I’ve linked to at the bottom of the post too :)
Click here for item details on Polyvore
Click here for item details on Polyvore
Cobalt Blue Skirts: US/International
Are you in love with cobalt blue too? Which is your favourite look?
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5 Looks with a Red Tassel Necklace

Click here for item details on Polyvore
I did a bit a shopping this week and noticed that Katies had some new Jewellery in – only a few pieces, but there were a couple of definite standouts. This red tassel necklace was one of them (they also have it in a cobalt blue which is equally as gorgeous). A pure red necklace is something that I don’t actually own and, of course, something that I would really love to have. The only thing that stopped me from buying this one yesterday was that I was worried it would be a little too long for me. I generally prefer shorter necklaces and I wasn’t exactly sure how I would go about altering this one. Anyway, I thought I’d have a go styling it while I thought about it.
I think it’s really pretty though. I love it especially with the pink and orange in the party/date looks. I actually think it might work fairly well doubled over too.
I’ve tried finding a nice red necklace that’s internationally available with little luck yet. If your interested in one you can always try  Shop StyleThe Find,or Amazon
Which is look is your favourite? How do you wear a red necklace?
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Please note: I choose the majority of these items from the Polyvore vaults as examples for styling only.  Most probably are available for purchase if your interested but they are not necessarily intended as shopping recommendations by me