5 Looks with a Red Tassel Necklace

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I did a bit a shopping this week and noticed that Katies had some new Jewellery in – only a few pieces, but there were a couple of definite standouts. This red tassel necklace was one of them (they also have it in a cobalt blue which is equally as gorgeous). A pure red necklace is something that I don’t actually own and, of course, something that I would really love to have. The only thing that stopped me from buying this one yesterday was that I was worried it would be a little too long for me. I generally prefer shorter necklaces and I wasn’t exactly sure how I would go about altering this one. Anyway, I thought I’d have a go styling it while I thought about it.
I think it’s really pretty though. I love it especially with the pink and orange in the party/date looks. I actually think it might work fairly well doubled over too.
I’ve tried finding a nice red necklace that’s internationally available with little luck yet. If your interested in one you can always try  Shop StyleThe Find,or Amazon
Which is look is your favourite? How do you wear a red necklace?
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Please note: I choose the majority of these items from the Polyvore vaults as examples for styling only.  Most probably are available for purchase if your interested but they are not necessarily intended as shopping recommendations by me
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