Origami Butterfly Teabags

I saw these gorgeous butterfly teabags a while back on Pinterest and ever since have been meaning to make some. I had in mind I’d cut them out from some coloured card or draw them myself, but when I discovered this butterfly origami tutorial during the week I knew it would be a perfect match.

These butterflies are so easy to make, once you start you’ll want to keep making them!

How I made them:

I started by cutting down some small patterned sheets of scrapbooking paper to a 7.5 x 7.5cm square (3in x 3in)

The instructions for the origami butterfly I made can be found here – or there are quite  a few other variations you can find on google.

I then tucked the teabag cord into the underside of the butterfly and put some double sided tape there as well (so they would be able to sit up on a mug).

I found the butterflies kept together and held their shape well, but if you do find they come undone it would be easy to glue them too.

This would be so pretty for a tea-party or boxed up for a gift.

 Click here to see the butterfly tutorial I followed (at The Things She Makes Blog).

Hope you enjoy these. Do you like making things from origami too?

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Mismatched Vintage Teacups

I’ve been thinking of a few Mother’s Day ideas this week and thought I’d bring out some of my Mum’s lovely China. I’ve always thought that the patterns on these were so sweet and pretty, although they can tend to look a little dated.  As an idea to make them a bit more fun and modern I thought I’d play around with mismatching a few of them – turns out I love how they look like this!

Some Matches:
My Favourite Mismatches:
And Now it’s Tea Time: :)
Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day Everyone :)