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Moving Site Issues

Hi all – I’ve managed to move my site across but I’ve just noticed that a few of the permalinks have changed which means several of my internal and external links have broken. So sorry if your having trouble trying to find a particular post. There should only be a few to change but I’m doing it manually so it might take me a bit of time. The search function on this site works really well so I’d recommend trying that if you’re really trying to find something.

If anyone knows of an easier way of doing this let me know.

Until soon,



Ok I think they are all fixed now. I’ll double check a few again tomorrow but if you notice anything not working properly just let me know via the comments or my contact page.

PS: My Food and Beauty galleries are all done if you want to take a look. The DIY one is hopefully coming in the next few days :)


My DIY Gallery is done too now so make sure you check it out. I double checked all the problem links again today and they all worked fine. I’m still working on a few things but the majority is done now so take a good look around. I’ll see you soon :)


Site Under Construction

online-blogging-resources-2Hi everyone, just to let you know that I’m currently working on improving my site over the next week or so things may not work as expected (I’m not very technologically literate so really anything could happen!). I’m moving servers and switching to WordPress as well as changing themes and installing a (so far really great looking) project gallery.

I’m super excited about these changes as I think they are should greatly improve the site’s navigation and layout. Hopefully everything will turn out ok and I’ll see you again soon :)