Happy 1st Birthday Bit Square

It’s March 16th and it’s a year ago since I wrote my first post here! So today I thought I’d share some of my favourite posts from the past 12 months as a way to celebrate the year it’s been.

My Favourite DIY: 
This is such a simple DIY but I remember it as being one of the most enjoyable to put together. 

My Favourite Refashion:
I was just so happy with how these shoe clips turned out – they were so much prettier than I had originally  expected.
My Favourite Series: 
I love doing these Ways to Wear posts. It’s so fun to play around with different items and styles. 
The Most Pinned:
I’m not sure if this is the most pinned (as I’m not sure exactly sure how to tell) but this is by far the most viewed from Pinterest. 
The Most Viewed:
Somehow this post got picked up by Buzzfeed in 27 life hacks every girl needed to know. I was so excited, I have no idea how they found me as it was early on when writing the blog and had hardly any traffic.
I hope you enjoyed looking over some of Bit Square’s first year. I absolutely love writing this blog and have loved connecting, sharing and meeting all of you.  Thank you so very much for a wonderful year :)

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!! (A few days late!)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday. 
I’m back now after having a bit of break. I had a really great holiday – relaxing, travelling and then I did lots of shopping too!
Am really looking forward to this year.
I already have lots of fun ideas planned to share with you :)
See you soon :)

Favourite Links of the Week

Here are a few of the links I’ve loved this Week. The thing about writing a blog is that you come across so many great things upon your travels!
I LOVE Lisa Eldridge. This is her latest tutorial. She uses a cream eye shadow stick to create a simple smokey eye. It’s so pretty!
How to Rag Roll Your Hair  (@ abeautifulmess.com)
How have I never tried this before? It look so easy and the curls are so lovely too.
Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations! I love ASOS’s feature – they have some really fun accessories and ideas for the occasion.
So clever! I imagine this would work pretty well.
Ok so I hardly know who any one is here but I still found it funny.

What links have you been loving lately?

2013 – 2014 Spring and Summer Trends Australia

Here are some of the new trends I’m most looking forward to this spring/summer and ideas on how to wear them:



I absolutely love metallic accessories. They can add so much glamour to an outfit and are effortlessly chic and modern in their simplicity.  My favourite finishes are silver and pastel colour. I’m not so sure about a full on metallic skirt or jacket for me but a clutch, shoe or an embellishment is something I’m really looking forward bringing into my wardrobe more.

I see myself wearing: 
  • A pink lace skirt with an orange top, a silver belt and silver necklace.
  • A simple black dress with a cropped red blazer and metallic pastel pink clutch.

Sass Bide top

Knee length pencil skirt

Strap shoes

ASOS polka dot handbag
29 AUD – asos.com.au

Fox Finch

I’m a big fan of black and white. It’s been so exciting for me to see the start of the monochrome trend coming into the shops. Stripes, patterns and blockings are all prominent.
I see myself wearing:
  • A black and white patterned skirt with a black t-shirt and some cute neon pink earrings.
  • A black and white striped dress with a wide black belt and electric purple eyeliner. 

Witchery black top

Zipper purse



Calf-Length Skirts

I’m super excited about this trend. I absolutely adore longer skirts. I think they the absolute prettiest things to wear.  It’s been quite a struggle to find (nice) longer skirts the last few seasons so I definitely plan on making the most of these being around!
I see myself wearing:

  • Heaps of different and wonderful skirts all season!

Witchery midi skirt

Floral midi skirt

ASOS skirt
36 AUD – asos.com.au

Red midi skirt
55 AUD – asos.com.au

Digital Prints
I love bold, graphic prints so I’m hoping to find a couple of great unique pieces within this trend… hopefully ones with lots of black and bright colour in them!
I see myself wearing:
  • A fun geometric print skirt with a black top, black ballet flats and silver jewellery.
  • A large photographic floral print pendant necklace with a neon yellow tee and dark capri jeans.

Black top

Sleeveless top

ASOS mid calf skirt
66 AUD – asos.com.au


White on White

I’m a big fan of the minimal look. I love white too. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to go all white out just yet but pure white is definitely my favourite neutral over spring/summer.

I see myself wearing: 
  • A white summer dress with white sandals, a white bag and an orange cardigan.
  • A white tee with a white necklace and an icy blue skirt.

Witchery shirt top


White denim skirt

Quartz watch

Thanks for reading. What trends are you looking forward to most this season?? And how will you wear them???

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I got twitter.

I’ve just set up a twitter account! Oh my goodness it’s way too much fun. I had no idea how fun it is! Here’s my profile. I plan to tweet about blog posts and blog related stuff only (liked items, outfits, DIY things etc. etc.) 
I’m a bit overly excited at the moment so I’ve been tweeting a lot.
Let me know if you’ve got a twitter account too as I’d love to have more blogs to follow on there.