Refashion of the Week – Changing the Colour of a Belt with Nail Polish

This is a belt that came with the a skirt I recently bought. It’s actually a really nice style and black patent leather which I love love love. Silver jewellery is my absolute favourite though,  I wear it every day, so I’m going to change the belt to match my earrings and everything else!
I find using nail polish the easiest way to do this but you can use metallic markers or paint as well. It is really quick and easy to do whatever you choose!
Here’s the end result. I did three coats of silver and then two coats of clear to finish it off.
Buttons, buckles, clasps and jewellery etc etc can all be simple to change in this way.
You can use masking tape to protect the areas where you don’t want to get colour. Cotton buds dipped in nail polish remover are helpful to clean up if you do go over the edges. 
It usually looks pretty good. I would only do this to cheaper accessories or ones that I was really confident would make a big improvement to.
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