Refashion on the Week – Neon Orange Bracelet, Neon Orange Earrings

Target had an amazing sale on jewellery this week (ie. 50% of everything!!!). It was my complete and utter luck too as they’ve just released a new range of neon jewellery! I LOVE neon jewellery. I go mad for it. My absolute favourite is neon with silver and crystals – and this new Target range is just that – neon silver crystals! (Target in Australia)
Unfortunately they didn’t have a great range of earrings though, and I’ve been looking for a nice pair of neon earrings for ages. As it was such a good sale I had my eyes open for a potential refashion – and I found something amazing!! I absolutely adored the charm on this neon bracelet. It wasn’t really enough of a statement for me to enjoy wearing as a bracelet, so why but two of them and make a pair of earrings?
All I basically did was glue an eye pin to the back of the charms with super glue. I cut the eye pin back so it was the same length as the charms – I’m sure it would be fine being shorter though. It feels super secure. I’ve never done this before so if it doesn’t work out I’ll let you know!
I could’ve done this without removing the backing metal poles. This step is totally optional. It’s so easy to break fashion jewellery though so don’t be scared to try (just be reasonably gentle).
These would be great as posts too – just glue a post finding on to the back instead of an eye pin.
For information about attaching hooks see this post. For information about making post earrings see this post.
I hope to write a guide to basic jewellery techniques and supplies soon. I also hope to start writing some posts about how I wear certain trends. I hope to do one about neon in the next couple of weeks
Have a lovely day :) I best be off and go love wearing my new earrings!
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