Purple Necklace Refashion – 1 Necklace into 2 Pairs of Earrings and a Different Necklace

I recently bought this wonderful necklace from Coles Supermarket. It’s an absolutely gorgeous colour – a deep, vibrant purple with a hint of cobalt blue. I’ve been on the lookout for a lovely purple necklace for quite some time now so I was very happy to come across this one. Although I love the design too, I found that I just couldn’t make it work for me – I’m more of a fan a larger scale, statement pieces and this one just seemed to get lost on me. I thought about taking it back but I just loved this purple so much (it was a great price too) I’d thought I’d have a go at refashioning it. 
As you can see the pieces were joined together with jump rings. These were easy to pull apart with my jewellery pliers.  (I have some more information about pliers here).
I choose to use the central piece to make a statement pendant necklace, which I simply reattached to original chain. I then took the two medium pieces and glued stud findings to the back of them with superglue (see this post for more info on how to make basic stud/post earrings). I left the little join rings on them just for now but these are usually easy to cut off with jewellery pliers (it can sometimes just leave the finish a bit sharp, which is why I left them on here – you can cover sharp bits with some more superglue though). For the last couple of small pieces I just added some earrings hooks as they had the perfect attachment (info about attaching earring hooks here).
Here are the end results:

I am absolutely in love with this necklace now!  Even though the main reason I wasn’t wearing it before was that it felt too small on me, in simplify it, it actually makes a much greater statement. I love it with a simple black tee, yesterday I wore it with a striped V-neck too. My other idea for refashioning this piece was to make it into a brooch, it would be the perfect size for that and nice and simple too. 
I also adore these studs. I love their statement size, yet they are still nice and light and comfortable to wear. I was worried that the post findings weren’t going to be large enough to stick to them (it’s best when making studs to use the largest finding possible in relation to the earring bit). They are perfect though and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of them. 
That’s it – I’m really happy with this refashion. I always love making jewellery from other bits of jewellery. It’s so fun to have such unique pieces.

If you’d like to do a similar refashion I suggest looking at Forever 21 or Target USA (or Target Australia)- they both have lots of similar styles at low prices. Ebay is of course another great place to buy cheap statement pieces that are great to refashion. 

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