A Few Simple Easter Decor Ideas (for an Autumn Easter)

Using a egg basket as a fruit bowl.
(from Shiploads)
Since I’ve been blogging I’ve become more and more interested in home decor ideas. I think this is the first time I’ve actually decorated for Easter  – apart from perhaps having a bowl of chocolate eggs on the table. After seeing so many wonderful ideas online though, I thought I’d stop by some local dollar stores to get a few things to brighten up my place. My budget was $20 and I was so excited to be well under that!
I  always feel weird having Easter in Autumn and I didn’t really want my place to look like it were the start of spring. Instead, I tried to find Eastery sorts of designs, such as eggs, flowers, stripes, bows in richer Autumn colours like deep reds, coppers, pinks, burgundies, mustards and greens. 
Red-Pink, textured flowers – I usually don’t like fabric flowers but I thought these were so pretty and appropriate. I’ll be able to make a hair tie with these too later :)
(from Shiploads)
Some large foam hearts and a striped, colourful tea-towl both in rich, warm, earthy colours.
(both from Shiploads)
It’s becoming cool enough to keep the eggs out on the bench now too.
Decorated with butterfly sequins and ribbons.
(My own supplies)
Big, colourful flower napkins, in colours like the Autumn leaves.
(from Shiploads)
DIY Banner kit
Do you decorate your place for Easter? I’d especially love to hear if you decorate it during Autumn too :) 
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