Life Lately

Spring Snowdrops by Bit Square BlogSpring Snow Drops in Bloom

Spring Lavender Harvest for DryingHarvesting Lavender to Dry

Food Styling Props Bought From The Thrift ShopNew food styling props from the op (thrift) shop. I’m currently doing a food styling course so hopefully you’ll begin to see a few of these things soon. I love these little vintage salt and pepper shakers.

New alt J album This is all yoursEnjoying the new alt J album. 

I’ve had a bit of a busy week. I’ve recently enrolled to Skillshare and been spending most of my blogging time doing online courses. I’ve just been doing one on food styling and hope to start a few on interior design in the next couple of days too. Lynda is another amazing site I’ve discovered recently too and spending lots of time there learning about SEO, photography and WordPress!

Have a great weekend. See you soon :)

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