Favourites from the Target Spring Jewelry Collection 2014 (USA)

I get incredibly, stupidly excited when stores begin bringing in their new jewellery collections. As I’m still patiently waiting for stores like Target here to update their racks for Autumn, I’ve been looking online and noticed that Target USA had just released their line – and I was so excited to look through this too even though I know they don’t even ship to Australia!  I was actually quite surprised by the collection here as the colours and styles felt very Fall/Winter to me.
I adore the blue necklaces and stretch bracelet. Which ones do you like?????
To see the full collection click here :)
2. Stud Earrings Blue/Silver $7.99 (not sure why description says gold/pink??)
If any of these links don’t work you can get them from Polyvore here

Top Picks For The New Year

New Year Picks

A few fun new accessories for the New Year. I absolutely love the iphone case and the crystal watch. I chose lots of earrings this time too as Baublebar has some particularly lovely ones at the moment.
Which ones are your favourite?

1. Street Chic Chandelier Earrings FOREVER 21 $4.80
2. Spry Drops BAUBLEBAR $28
3. Sapphire Aria Drops BAUBLEBAR $32
4. Glitter Edge Flower Hair Clip CLAIRE’S $5.50
5. Pave Cushion Cut Studs BAUBLEBAR $44
6. Ariella Collection Star Ring NORDSTROM $38
7. Crystal Accent Mini Strap Watch JCPENNY $20
8. Silver Tapered Ring TARGET $30
9. Crystal Accent Animal Print Smartphone Wristlet CLAIRE’S $10
10. Pannee Black Crystal Bracelet JCPENNY $13.30

Last Minute Gift Ideas All Under $10!!!!!

I was only going to have 10 ideas under $10 but I found so many wonderful things that I could not narrow it down. These are all from Forever 21. They have so many wonderful accessories at the moment, hopefully there is something here for everyone. Santa, if you’re reading this I really like the heart mirror and the neon pink earrings (hint, hint)
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 
11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 // 21

Hope all these links work! – If not click here to see them at Polyvore

Christmas Gift Ideas Continued: Something a Bit More Special with Najo and Tiffany’s

Here are a  few ideas for some extra special Chirstmas gifts. I have a bit of an obsession with Sterling Silver, it’s my favourite metal by far, and for me it’s always very special.  So for this guide I chose some of my favourite pieces from Tiffany’s and Najo to share.


Links and Prices are from the US store but I imagine most of these would be available everywhere.
For a lot of people Tiffany’s is super special, but it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive – All the pieces I chose are $200 or under!

6. Bow Bracelet $175

And for everyone in Australia: Najo! My favourite!

I love all of these. I have pair similar to number 4 and they are one of my absolute staple pairs of earrings. I love the rings here and the Cute as a Button Studs too.

I’d love to find some more contemporary silver sites or brands from the States. Leave me a comment if you know of any good ones!
11 Days to Go!

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Where to Buy Jewellery Online: Australian Edition

Best Places
Jewellery is by far my favourite thing to shop for so I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favourite jewellery sites for online shopping in Australia. I would say I usually check out a majority these sites about once a fortnight.  I don’t have purchasing experience from all these places (so can’t completely vouch for their reliability or quality of product), they are however all wonderful to browse through -many of these relate to actual stores too so you can look online before you buy in store. :)

Fashion Jewellery
All these sites have a large range of fashion jewellery, are updated frequently and are pretty much my favourite places to shop!
Gorgeous mix of on-trend and glamour fashion jewellery
Lots of fun affordable pieces, especially great for party looks.
This site has really unique pieces and at great prices too.
Similar to items and prices as Lovisa. Some great unique pieces too.
Classic and simple fashion jewellery.

I have never bought anything from this store but they have really gorgeous pieces for special occasions – quite expensive but very unique.

Clothing Stores
I love discovering jewellery in clothing stores. I find it all the more exciting to find a great piece hidden amongst everything else in the store.  Although they don’t tend to have the best range of items or update very often, you can still discover some truly great and unique pieces. It’s not uncommon to pick up a great bargain too. Here are some of my favourite shops:
Limited Range: PortmansTarget,  Witchery, Katies, Westfield
Contemporary Silver

Here are some sites for something a bit more special:
I’ve had a really good experience shopping from this site. They have a great range, their shipping is super fast and they have great customer support too.
This is probably my favourite brand of silver jewellery. Their designs are super fun and the quality is gorgeous.
Ridiculously overpriced but always fun to look.

Here are a few more I have less experience with but look really good:

Where Else

Made It is an online marketplace that sells a wide range of artistic and craft jewellery, kind of like an Australian version of Etsy. A really great site

Similar to Made It however, positioned at more designer/boutique jewellery. There are some incredibly gorgeous  and lovely pieces here and I think the prices are pretty great.

(And Don’t Forget)
Well there are some great second-hand finds on here as well as lots of designer/craft stores too.
Happy Shopping!!

So where are your favourite places to shop for jewellery online? 

If you know of any other great sites to buy jewellery from please comment! I’ll continue to update this fairly frequently and would love for this list to become as helpful as possible. I also hope to begin working on a similar list for Europe and the US, so if you know of any great stores there too, please let me know.

Links to all products under images or click images for item details on Polyvore.

10 Lovely Earrings from Claire’s

10 Lovely Earrings
They currently have 3 for the price of 2 as well!!
I absolutely love the vintage square earrings and the icy pink pearls. The black bubble earrings are so fun too.
6. Oversized Anchor Stud Earrings (Also in Red and Blue) $5.50
These are all from the Claire’s US store but they seem to have many of the same items in their European  stores too.
Which ones do you love???

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