Moving Site Issues

Hi all – I’ve managed to move my site across but I’ve just noticed that a few of the permalinks have changed which means several of my internal and external links have broken. So sorry if your having trouble trying to find a particular post. There should only be a few to change but I’m doing it manually so it might take me a bit of time. The search function on this site works really well so I’d recommend trying that if you’re really trying to find something.

If anyone knows of an easier way of doing this let me know.

Until soon,



Ok I think they are all fixed now. I’ll double check a few again tomorrow but if you notice anything not working properly just let me know via the comments or my contact page.

PS: My Food and Beauty galleries are all done if you want to take a look. The DIY one is hopefully coming in the next few days :)


My DIY Gallery is done too now so make sure you check it out. I double checked all the problem links again today and they all worked fine. I’m still working on a few things but the majority is done now so take a good look around. I’ll see you soon :)


Site Under Construction

online-blogging-resources-2Hi everyone, just to let you know that I’m currently working on improving my site over the next week or so things may not work as expected (I’m not very technologically literate so really anything could happen!). I’m moving servers and switching to WordPress as well as changing themes and installing a (so far really great looking) project gallery.

I’m super excited about these changes as I think they are should greatly improve the site’s navigation and layout. Hopefully everything will turn out ok and I’ll see you again soon :)

This Past Week…

Another new season’s rose
Fragrant Flowers – Lavender and Rosemary
Making star confetti and this cute origami box I learnt to make from this blog
Full moon rising

 Full moon behind cloud

It’s been a nice week really. The weather seems to be picking up here and it’s starting to feel a bit like spring now (the first crocus is about to open! – hopefully I’ll have a photo for next week of it). The moon was especially stunning this week too. I heard it was a super moon  – slightly closer to the earth than usual which made it look particularly large.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

This Past Week…

Rainbow – out the front of my place
I haven’t had as much time to write a proper post for a while so I thought I’d just share a few quick things I’ve been up to this week. 
A lovely new sterling silver ring I got from Lovisa.
The first rose of the season – a very rainy day
Finally finished making this crochet beanie from Mollie Makes (no. 34). 
It’s very snug and warm – I actually had trouble with the original pattern and needed to make it a considerable amount smaller (if you consider making it too)
I really love this rose pattern. 

Hope you’re having a great week :)

A Few Simple Easter Decor Ideas (for an Autumn Easter)

Using a egg basket as a fruit bowl.
(from Shiploads)
Since I’ve been blogging I’ve become more and more interested in home decor ideas. I think this is the first time I’ve actually decorated for Easter  – apart from perhaps having a bowl of chocolate eggs on the table. After seeing so many wonderful ideas online though, I thought I’d stop by some local dollar stores to get a few things to brighten up my place. My budget was $20 and I was so excited to be well under that!
I  always feel weird having Easter in Autumn and I didn’t really want my place to look like it were the start of spring. Instead, I tried to find Eastery sorts of designs, such as eggs, flowers, stripes, bows in richer Autumn colours like deep reds, coppers, pinks, burgundies, mustards and greens. 
Red-Pink, textured flowers – I usually don’t like fabric flowers but I thought these were so pretty and appropriate. I’ll be able to make a hair tie with these too later :)
(from Shiploads)
Some large foam hearts and a striped, colourful tea-towl both in rich, warm, earthy colours.
(both from Shiploads)
It’s becoming cool enough to keep the eggs out on the bench now too.
Decorated with butterfly sequins and ribbons.
(My own supplies)
Big, colourful flower napkins, in colours like the Autumn leaves.
(from Shiploads)
DIY Banner kit
Do you decorate your place for Easter? I’d especially love to hear if you decorate it during Autumn too :) 

Where to Find and Buy Specific Items Online – 5 Great Sites for Fashion

 Click here for item details on Polyvore 
(Shoes from ASOS and Wittner)

I love browsing shops when I don’t have anything in mind to buy but when I am in need of something specific I can find it a real headache. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve discovered some great sites that really help you search for and track down a specific item. I have 5 favourites and I thought I’d share them with you today :)

I love Shop Style! This site is AMAZING. I was blown away when I first discovered this. Shop Style is basically a search engine that allows you to search for products across hundreds of online stores all at once. You can specify price range, colour, brand, shop and sale/discounted items. It’s available in lots of different countries too. I use the Australian site which includes lots of local stores (like Myer and the Iconic) as well as larger international sites (such as Boohoo, Forever 21, ASOS, Nordstrom). You can create an account on this, favourite items, create lists, specify favourite shops and get sale alerts too.
The Find is a a similar site to Shop Style in that it searches across hundreds of online stores all at once and collaborates results into one simple list. The Find has some different stores to Shop Style and I usually get quite different results when I search there. Like Shop Style you can specify price range, colour, brand, store and many other things in regards to sales and payment. The Find has both a US based site and a UK one. It currently doesn’t have a way to search for internationally available items, so if you do live somewhere else you will have to sift through search results yourself to discover if they are available to you. I actually save a list of shops within my account that I know ship to Australia and then only search within those stores, which works really well.
Amazon is actually one of my favourite places to search for jewelry and accessories as it has such an amazing range of product. I was searching for earrings on there the other day and got over 300,000 results! It isn’t as great for clothing but I think always worth a look. You can get pretty specific with what you search for and I find it provides great recommendations on related items too. Most stores on Amazon have great international shipping and prices too.
Etsy is like one gigantic, worldwide marketplace that’s open 24/7.  It is absolutely the best place to search for unique, handmade and vintage clothing and accessories. You will get a ridiculous number of search results here (I just got over 1.7 million earrings) and really different sorts of things too. It’s easy to tweak search results in terms of price, colour and shipping destination. I think Etsy is particularly great for searching for specific gift ideas as it has such beautiful, one of a kind items.
I’ve had mixed success on Ebay and don’t tend to shop there unless I have have something specific in mind to search for. I’m not exactly sure why as they have such an incredible range of things and the prices can be ridiculous (I think it’s the whole auction thing that stresses me out a bit and the fact you can’t easily return them). I’ve had some success finding items or sizes that I missed out on in stores when I was too slow making a decision or ones that have been discontinued – I really recommend it for that. Although I find search results a bit more patchy than some of the other sites here you can really find some unique, special items here (at a bargain).

Do you like checking out these sites as much as me? Let me know if there are any other great ones out there I can add too :)