5 Ways 5 Days

I’ve just discovered a fun challenge for the week called 5 ways, 5 days at franish.blogspot.com. The idea is to post 5 different outfits using the same item of clothing. Each day of the week is to feature a different item.

This is a bit of a cheat as I’m moving houses at moment and living out of a very small wardrobe of mainly work clothes (all black and some white) – so unfortunately I’ve had to resort to polyvore.
I have however chosen a top like one I own and outfit combos that I would (or hope to) wear. It has been fun and given me ideas to try next time I wear my red shirt! I love red shirts. I’m sorry I’m using polyvore.


First Post


Hi. I’m Amelia, a waitress from Australia. I’m a lover of making stuff, refashioning things and creating fun, new outfits combos. I’ve decided to begin a blog in order to share some of my ideas, doings and wearings.