5 Ways to Wear a Flower and Diamante Necklace

 5 Ways - Flower and Diamante Necklace
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I’m featuring an Australian item(s) today. Lovisa has some incredibly gorgeous jewellery at the moment. Their In The Flesh and Luminous Pastels ranges are so absolutely adorable. These two necklaces in particular I have completely fallen in love with – the Flower and Diamante Collar Necklace and the Pink Glitter Flower Collar Necklace.
Flower Necklaces Aus
These are both so easy to style too as they work as a neutral and look amazing either dressed up or down. All the looks here would work equally well with either necklace I’d say.
Casual: This is a nice simple, comfy casual look with a touch of sparkle brought in by the necklace. I love the bright green and pink in this – it isn’t a typical pairing but I think it’s really fun. Stripes and flowers are a really great combination to play with.
Work: Not as much colour in this outfit but in keeping with the fun spirit of the necklace I brought in a pop of unexpected colour in with the shoes! This would look great with a neutral shoe too  – or really any bright colour of shoe.
Lunch: This is another casual sort of a look but a little bit more styled with the inclusion of the belt and dressy sandals. I love light blue, pink and purple together. I think its really pretty.  I think a simple pair of diamond studs would look great with this necklace too.
Party: I love this blazer! I think it pairs so perfectly with the necklace and this pink shirt. The star earrings and gold shoes are so fun. I think this would be absolutely perfect for any sort of a party.
Date:  This is a simple, elegant and stylish look. I think this necklace dresses up really well here and I love it paired with these floral earrings too. I see this as being perfect for a dinner or any special occasion. I love orange and pink together. They are one of my favourite colour combinations to wear and look so pretty with the gold.
Which is your favourite look?
Hope there’s a few ideas for you to try out here anway. This is influenced by the Dressing Your Truth Bright/Animated style (Type 1). I don’t know the style too well actually but I couldn’t resist trying it out with these necklaces. You can learn more about Dressing Your Truth here at their site or there is lots to see at youtube too!
A few US alternatives:
How cute are these too?!?
Flower Necklaces
(1) JCP // (2) Forever 21

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* I chose all these clothes for the vaults at Polyvore. I selected them solely as examples for styling the pieces I’m featuring. Most of them should be available for purchase although I haven’t looked in to any of them. 

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