Spring To-Do List

Spring-Daisies SImple Floral ArrangmentFloating spring daisies after this week’s  iPhone wallpaper shoot.

Even though it’s a few weeks into spring already, I thought I put together a list of somethings I really wanted to make sure I did during the season. I find it’s so easy for the seasons to slip by me without feeling like I really get to appreciate and celebrate what they have to offer.

  • Learn to make paper flowers (I really want to do this online course).
  • Make my first ever spring garland from something bright and colourful (perhaps from my paper flowers).
  • Fresh asparagus from the garden with homemade hollandaise.
  • Decorate a pumpkin for Halloween.
  • Create a little fern garden for my desk (inspired by this book here).
  • Make or buy a pair of simple, bright apple-green earrings.
  • Buy peony roses from the local market.
  • Find a pretty, light, floral cardigan.
  • Start making some things from my Frozen Sweets pinterest board. Also look for ideas to add to my Spring board.
  • Organise my photos from the past year and print out a few to put into albums.

What do you have planned for this Spring (or Autumn if your in Northern Hemisphere)?

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