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Hi. I’m Amelia, a waitress and art school grad from Australia. I’m a lover of fashion, food and all things DIY. I’ve decided to begin a blog in order to share some of my ideas, doings and wearings.

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DIY Quick and Simple Sugar Scrub Recipe – The Basics

This is a really wonderful recipe for the skin and I find it so much effective than most commercial scrubs. It literally takes  a second to make and is also budget friendly too!
Basic Recipe
1 Part Skin Friendly Oil (see suggestions below)
1 Part Finely Ground Sugar
A few drops essential oil (optional)
Mix oil, sugar and essential oil (if using) together until combined. Apply to dampened skin then rinse off. Most of the oil will stay on your skin but please be careful in the shower as sometimes the oil can make it very slippery.
Store in an airtight jar for up to several weeks (Keep it away from ants as they LOVE this)
As this is so quick to make I usually just make enough for each time I need it though rather than making a big batch to keep.
My favourite oils to use: Extra Virgin Olive, Coconut, Sweet Almond, Avacado, Jojoba,
Extra Virgin Olive is usually what I’ll use as it is not only the most economical and easy to source, but also really nourishing to dry skin and high in wonderful vitamins (such as vitamin E). I find olive oil a little heavier than some of the other oils so for me it’s best to use on the driest ares on skin such as the feet, hands, knees and elbows. Just be warned some olive oils can have a strong olive smell, sometimes quite fruity, sometimes more peppery, if that bothers you you might prefer some of the other oils (or using Light Olive Oil). Whatever oil you use will stay on and moisturise your skin after you’ve washed the scrub off. A lot of recipes use less oil than I do but I find the scrub too dry otherwise.
My favourite sugars: Any fine grain sugars such as light or dark brown sugar (powdered), demerara sugar or castor sugar
The sugar grains not only mechanically exfoliate dead skin cells but also contain glycolic acid, an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that further helps dissolve and break down these cells. Sugar is also hydrating as it draws in moisture from the environment rather than taking it from the skin (like salt does). Although eating refined sugar isn’t the best thing for your skin or body, I don’t believe there is any benefit to using healthier unrefined sugars (such as evaporated cane sugar, date sugar, molasses sugar) for this than standard white or brown sugars, so don’t waste those here.
My favourite essential oils: Orange, lemon, lime, peppermint, lavender, grapefruit
I am only starting to learn about essential oils so I don’t have too much information about them yet. Just be warned that essential oils can be quite potent and certain ones quite irritating to the skin. Everyone is different, I know peppermint can be really irritating to a lot of people whereas I find it quite soothing. I hear that there are certain oils that are dangerous when pregnant too so just make sure to do your research. Essential oils can be rather expensive but I’m finding they are much more affordable to buy direct from online soap/cosmetic/candle supply wholesalers. I actually prefer to make most of my cosmetics without fragrance or essential oils so they don’t interfere with my perfume.

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Looks on a Budget: Lunch with Friends and Dinner Date

I thought this would make a fun change for a shopping post. I’m a big fan a buying basics on a budget, there is something really satisfying about finding amazing pieces for a fraction on the cost and quite often the quality is pretty similar too. I hope you enjoy these, it was really fun to put together so will hopefully be doing more of these in the future.
Please note that some of these links are affiliated which means I may earn a few cents for your clicks. 
I do my best to feature items from retailers I have personal experience with or I believe to be reputable but please note that I have no real life experience with most of these products so please take appropriate care when purchasing. Learn more at my disclosure page :)



T-Shirt: White Contrast Trims Floral Slim T-Shirt SHEINSIDE $21

Skirt: Woven A-Line Skirt FOREVER 21 $15
Necklace: Sleek Platted Bib Necklace FOREVER 21 $9
Shoes: Posh Ankle-Strap Flats FOREVER 21 $20
Dress: Mila Rose Print Midi Dress BOOHOO $32
Jacket: Single-Button Blazer FOREVER 21 $28
Earrings: Classic Large Hoops FOREVER 21 $2
Clutch: Black PU Leather Clutch Bag SHEINSIDE
Bangles: Touch-of-Glam Bangle Set FOREVER 21 $8
Which look is your favourite?

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Honey and Greek Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Passionfruit

I love Panna Cotta and I especially love this version of it which replaces the traditional milk with tangy greek yogurt. For flavouring I’ve used some bush honey which also provides all the sweetness it needs whilst providing a lovely mellow background to the sharpness of the passionfruit. This is a super simple recipe, it literally takes 5mins to put all together and then you can forget about it for several hours until they are ready to serve!
Honey and Greek Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Passionfruit


1 1/2 cups Greek (or Natural) yogurt
1 1/2 cups single (whipping) ream
1/4 honey
2 1/2 tsps (10g) powdered gelatine

4-5 Passionfruit to serve

(Makes 4-6) individual panna cottas.


1. Measure out yogurt in a medium size mixing bowl and set aside ready. Combine the gelatine with 3 tablespoons of the cream in a small bowl and leave for about 10mins to soften.

2. Meanwhile begin warming the remainder of the cream over a low heat. Whisk in the honey and heat till just about simmering point – make sure to not let it get too hot though.

3. Take off heat and stir in the gelatine and cream mixture. Whisk to combine.

4. Pour the  mixture through a plastic or stainless steel sieve over the yoghurt (not nessessary but can prevent lumps of undissolved gelatine and result in a smoother texture  – if you’re using a plastic sieve you may want to allow the mixture to cool slightly before doing so. A lot of metal sieves that aren’t stainless steel can effect the taste of the mixture so best avoid these). Whisk to combine.

5. Ladle the mixture into small panna cotta pots of your choosing (you could use ramekins, glasses, mugs, teacups, or even in just one large serving bowl).

6. Cover with cling wrap and leave them to set in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours or over night.

7. Serve chilled with fresh passionfruit. I like 1 passionfruit per Panna Cotta.

I like serving these in their little pots but if you want to invert them onto a plate simply run a butter knife around the edges of the panna cotta, turn it upside down on a plate and shake/tap gently till it loosens. If  they aren’t coming out easily, placing the pots in boiling water for a second or too can help – also initially greasing the pots with some butter.

If you like you can substitute milk or buttermilk for the same quantity of yoghurt. If using milk, you’ll need to heat that along with the cream. If using buttermilk just proceed in the same way as the yoghurt.

You can also add pretty much any flavour or sweetener you can think of. Vanilla is a classic but also chocolate, coffee, strawberry, white chocolate, maple, coconut, carmel, chestnut or even pumpkin would all be good.

I just garnished this with a slice of red paw paw I cut with a biscuit cutter and a little bit of mint.

Yum :)

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Shopping: Ballet Flats

I’ve been on the lookout for some new ballet flats recently. I really only need some new black ones as my current ones are wearing out but I thought a pair of coloured ones would be fun too. These are a few favourites I’ve found online so far.
Please note that I’m using affiliated links here which means I may earn a few cents for any clicks. Learn more at my disclosure page :)
2. DV8 by Dolce Vita Tasmin Flat NORDSTROM $39 (these look hot pink in some stores (which I love) and coral in others so not sure exactly what colour they are – they were avaliable at Victoria’s secret too)
10. Lodger Ballet Flats ASOS $29
Which ones are your favourite??? Do you love ballet flats too?

Oven Baked Eggs en Cocotte with Fresh Basil Pesto

I thought I’d treat myself for lunch today and make a bit of a big breakfast. I absolutely love breakfast for lunch (or dinner or breakfast) and we had quite a a bit of basil too, so this is what I made:
Baked Eggs En Cocotte
This is one of my favourite ways to both cook and eat eggs. I think they look so pretty in their little pots and I love being able to add all sorts of yummy things to them while they cook too. They also lend themselves to being great for entertaining as you can cook a lot a once and prepare them well in advance. Butter is what makes these eggs amazing so don’t leave it out!
Unsalted Butter
Sea Salt and Pepper
You will also need:
 3 inch (8cm) approx. diameter ramekins
A small baking dish
Boiling water from jug
1. Preheat oven to 180C (350F)
2. Grease the inside of each ramekin well with butter. Break in egg, add a piece of butter (around a teaspoon) and season with salt.
3. Place ramekins in baking dish and pour in enough boiling water to come up to about half way up the ramekins. Bake for 15mins if you like your yolks runny or 18mins if you like them a bit more set.
4. Season with pepper and serve.

I roasted some veggies alongside my eggs too. I put the tomato and mushroom in 15mins before the eggs went in (I just drizzled them with a bit of olive oil first), then I added some asparagus and continued to cook until the eggs were ready. Yum.

This is a really easy recipe to adapt and you can add pretty much anything to the eggs before of after they’ve been cooked. A spoonful of double cream with lots of pepper is a favourite of mine. Some other ideas include salsa, guacamole, sour cream, prosciutto, asparagus spears, chilli oil, mint, parmesan, chopped tomato, mushroom puree.

Basil Pesto
I love making fresh pesto as it can transform so many simple meals into something really special.  It’s super easy to make. I wouldn’t get too caught up on the measurements – I don’t usually use a recipe for this or measure things that accurately and it always seems to taste good.
Make sure to choose a nice olive oil for this. If it’s got a particularly strong flavour you might want to dilute it down with some other flavourless oil such as sunflower,  peanut or light olive. Make sure to use freshly grated parmesan too – it’s so much nicer than the powdery kind in this.
(Makes about 3/4 cup – for 3 people)
2 good handfuls of basil leaves (about 1 cup loosely packed)
1 tbsp pine nuts (or cashews)
2 tbsp parmesan cheese
100ml (3.5 oz) extra virgin olive oil plus a bit extra
1 clove garlic (traditional but I don’t like garlic so I don’t add it to mine)
A good squeeze of lemon juice (optional – not traditional but I love it, especially instead of garlic)
Sea salt
1. It’s nice to lightly dry roast the pine nuts first to bring out their flavour. Just throw them in a pan over medium heat and toss them about for about 2mins.
2. In a food processor blend pine nuts, basil, garlic, olive oil and a good pinch of salt. You could also use a mortar and pestle instead.
3. Empty mixture into a bowl and stir in parmesan cheese and lemon juice (if using). You may need to add a bit more olive oil depending on how you like the consistency. Taste for seasoning, although the parmesan is salty you might need to add a bit more salt.

Pesto is yummy on pasta, pizza, meat, swirled into soups, on rice, potato salad, and on eggs (of course)

Lunch time…
Have you ever made Eggs en Cocotte?? What’s your favourite way to eat them??

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5 Casual Looks with a Black Pencil Skirt

Click here for item details at Polyovre (or see bottom of post)
I love the idea of incorporating professional type attire into everyday, casual looks. As black pencil skirts are a particular favourite of mine, I thought I’d try a few looks out with one.
Generally, the less structure and more ‘stuff’  going on in an outfit (colour, texture, softer flowing fabric) the more casual the look will be. I think shoes, bag and hairstyle probably play the largest role in establishing the level of dress. So, for more of a casual look think sandals, ballet flats or lace-ups,  less structured bags and messy/fun hairdos.
Item Details from PolyvoreMoschino floral top, 700 AUD / DKNY loose t shirt, 145 AUD / Short sleeve t shirt, 89 AUD / Gap blue cashmere sweater, 19 AUD / Jacqueline De Yong red top, 25 AUD / Knit pencil skirt, 425 AUD / Activewear pants / Wolford tight, 56 AUD / Sergio Rossi leather ankle boots, 385 AUD / Snake skin flat, 79 AUD / A2 by Aerosoles t strap sandals, 54 AUD / Slip on sandals, 32 AUD / Forever 21 pointed flat, 25 AUD / Coach pink hobo handbag, 410 AUD / Sandqvist leather laptop messenger bag, 230 AUD / Nannini messenger bag purse, 195 AUD / Tyler Rodan red satchel, 71 AUD / Puma cat tote bag, 81 AUD / Rebecca flower jewelry, 455 AUD / Vince camuto jewelry, 35 AUD / Vince Camuto fake earrings, 22 AUD / Orange necklace, 16 AUD / Acrylic jewelry / Tear drop earrings, 6.48 AUD / Codello scarve, 22 AUD / Naf Naf belt, 40 AUD
Some Shopping Options:

Here are a few black pencil skirts that are currently available. These are all under $100 and should be available internationally too. Macy’s actually has several more nice ones at the moment which I didn’t include here – so it’s definitely worth a look there if these ones  don’t suit.
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Which look is your favourite? How do you like to  
wear a black pencil skirt?

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