Refashion on the Week – Neon Orange Bracelet, Neon Orange Earrings

Target had an amazing sale on jewellery this week (ie. 50% of everything!!!). It was my complete and utter luck too as they’ve just released a new range of neon jewellery! I LOVE neon jewellery. I go mad for it. My absolute favourite is neon with silver and crystals – and this new Target range is just that – neon silver crystals! (Target in Australia)
Unfortunately they didn’t have a great range of earrings though, and I’ve been looking for a nice pair of neon earrings for ages. As it was such a good sale I had my eyes open for a potential refashion – and I found something amazing!! I absolutely adored the charm on this neon bracelet. It wasn’t really enough of a statement for me to enjoy wearing as a bracelet, so why but two of them and make a pair of earrings?
All I basically did was glue an eye pin to the back of the charms with super glue. I cut the eye pin back so it was the same length as the charms – I’m sure it would be fine being shorter though. It feels super secure. I’ve never done this before so if it doesn’t work out I’ll let you know!
I could’ve done this without removing the backing metal poles. This step is totally optional. It’s so easy to break fashion jewellery though so don’t be scared to try (just be reasonably gentle).
These would be great as posts too – just glue a post finding on to the back instead of an eye pin.
For information about attaching hooks see this post. For information about making post earrings see this post.
I hope to write a guide to basic jewellery techniques and supplies soon. I also hope to start writing some posts about how I wear certain trends. I hope to do one about neon in the next couple of weeks
Have a lovely day :) I best be off and go love wearing my new earrings!
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Refashion of the Week – Changing the Colour of a Belt with Nail Polish

This is a belt that came with the a skirt I recently bought. It’s actually a really nice style and black patent leather which I love love love. Silver jewellery is my absolute favourite though,  I wear it every day, so I’m going to change the belt to match my earrings and everything else!
I find using nail polish the easiest way to do this but you can use metallic markers or paint as well. It is really quick and easy to do whatever you choose!
Here’s the end result. I did three coats of silver and then two coats of clear to finish it off.
Buttons, buckles, clasps and jewellery etc etc can all be simple to change in this way.
You can use masking tape to protect the areas where you don’t want to get colour. Cotton buds dipped in nail polish remover are helpful to clean up if you do go over the edges. 
It usually looks pretty good. I would only do this to cheaper accessories or ones that I was really confident would make a big improvement to.
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Refashion of the Week: Painting the Inside of Rings with Nail Polish

Here’s a quick refashion for the week. I’ve started painting the inside of my rings with clear nail polish. I’m not as sensitive to cheap rings as I am to cheap earrings but they can still bug me. I’ve found coating the inside of them with clear nail polish has helped a lot. This can help prevent your fingers turning green from the metal too!! It seems to last well – I haven’t needed to reapply it at all yet. I can’t imagine it damaging the jewellery in anyway (in fact it seems to stop the metal discolouring too).
There is also a specially formulated paint available to  help with jewellery sensitivity called Reaction Block. I’m not sure if it’s available from stores yet but you can order it online at the Earring Doctor. I’ve never tried it myself but from what I’ve heard it is somewhat similar to clear nail polish.
For some more advice about dealing with metal sensitivity with earrings see my posts How to Change Earring Hooks to Sterling Silver
Does this work as well for you? Do you have any other great ways to help deal with metal sensitivity???
If you’ve used Reaction Block or something similar – I’d love to hear about your experience with it.

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Refashion of the Week – Dream Catcher Necklace x2

50% of jewellery at Just Jeans this week. A good time for a bargain.  A good time for a refashion.
I originally bought just one of these necklaces to wear as a necklace. I thought it was a fun design and absolutely loved the charm pieces it had on it. When I tried wearing it though it just looked weird on me. I knew it wasn’t right. I was about to take it back to the shop when inspiration struck – Buy another necklace – Refashion of the Week.
Breaking up the first necklace:
Here is what I made:
1. A simple earring. There was an extra join at the bottom of this piece that I cut off with jewellery pliers. (I talk more about this in a previous refashion here).
2. Another simple one. Just put this on the hook.
3. For this one I incorporated a couple of beads to make a simple drop earring.
4.  I used one of the smaller end pieces to make a drop stud. (I did a DIY on how to make studs here).
5. These are my absolute favourite ones here! I’m going to love wearing these! I had some tassels left over from a previous refashion that were waiting for the right bead to finish – and I found it! Yay! I put these on clip-on findings as they are quite long. ( I talk about this here)
6. These ones came straight from the necklace.
7. I really liked these black pieces and they ended up going perfectly with these flat white beads I had. TIP: I put a little glue on the head pins to stop the white beads from moving about.
8. I’m not sure if I’ll wear this as a necklace yet. I think some basic black beads could look really good on it (I don’t have enough to try it out for you here at the moment sorry) but I quite like it simplified as it is. I hope to turn one of these into a bag clasp. if I do the pic will be going here.
The necklaces were $12 each.
I found these black discs in my refashioning box today – some leftovers from a previous refashion (I think it was from a necklace as well) that I’d completely overlooked! I’m going to love these as earrings now.

Fatback Gem Scarf

Do your remember this black scarf I bought on my $50 shop? Well I did have an ulterior motive for buying this!…….. Adding sew-on gems!!!!
This scarf was really wide so I folded in half and sewed the sides together.
I then folded in half again.
The gems I bought were just from the local craft store, it was a really good packet as it had a mix of all sorts of shapes and colours.
I arranged the gems into a flower pattern. I’m sure any pattern would look great here – flat-back gems look amazing on anything.
After all the gems were in place I proceeded to glue them on with super glue. The one I used here is a new purchase that I’m very excited about. It’s called Ultimate Glue by Crafter’s Pick and it’s a non-toxic, water-soluble superglue.
Remember to use gloves and work in a ventilated area when you are using stronger glues.
Once all the gems were glued I proceeded to sew them on (this really in an optional step, if you use enough glue if should hold them well-enough).
It did take a while to sew this (1hr). Just as well I recorded The Voice the other night! Go Celia, Jackie and Harrison!
I actually only had enough gems to do a bit less that half of it – but I don’t think it really needs more and sits better by being quite minimal.

This amazing necklace is what  first inspired me to make the scarf. I bought it from Portmans earlier in the year. I originally got the gems with the plan of making a similar necklace. I’m still going to try to make something like this but I thought a scarf is more appropriate for this time of year (Autumn for me).

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Star Necklace turned into a Bracelet and Earrings

I got this super cute star necklace at Big W this week. I love the charms! I’m finding it a little bit too busy for me though. Time for a refashion!

I removed the charms and created a new bracelet and some earrings for myself. I got to say, I think these will be one of my new favourite pairs of earrings! The chain for the bracelet is one I had before. I also added an extra star charm I had lying about. I wrote a similar DIY/Refashion about this a few weeks back too if you’d like to learn more about how I did this.  Now I’ll have to think up a way to use these lovely necklace chains!