Spring-Time Parsley Flower Arrangement

I love creating small arrangements from flowers I find in the garden. Although it’s the middle of winter here there are actually still quite a number of flowers about. I noticed these parsley flowers were particularly pretty at the moment as they were just starting to bloom. I’m usually disappointed to see these as I know this means the plant is on its way out, but today I thought I’d make the most of them being around.
I paired them with a few little forget-me-nots and some pretty pale pink flowers. The parsley stems were covered with a  fairly large amount of leaves which I snipped off and put aside (to use in my lunch!) I think they have such a delicate beauty and look great just even on their own. I’m hoping they will dry well too. Even though they are winter flowers, I love that they bright, sunny spring-time feel.

Have you ever used parley or other vegetable/herb flowers in an arrangement before? Which ones are your favourite to use?

Mismatched Vintage Teacups

I’ve been thinking of a few Mother’s Day ideas this week and thought I’d bring out some of my Mum’s lovely China. I’ve always thought that the patterns on these were so sweet and pretty, although they can tend to look a little dated.  As an idea to make them a bit more fun and modern I thought I’d play around with mismatching a few of them – turns out I love how they look like this!

Some Matches:
My Favourite Mismatches:
And Now it’s Tea Time: :)
Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day Everyone :)

A Few Simple Easter Decor Ideas (for an Autumn Easter)

Using a egg basket as a fruit bowl.
(from Shiploads)
Since I’ve been blogging I’ve become more and more interested in home decor ideas. I think this is the first time I’ve actually decorated for Easter  – apart from perhaps having a bowl of chocolate eggs on the table. After seeing so many wonderful ideas online though, I thought I’d stop by some local dollar stores to get a few things to brighten up my place. My budget was $20 and I was so excited to be well under that!
I  always feel weird having Easter in Autumn and I didn’t really want my place to look like it were the start of spring. Instead, I tried to find Eastery sorts of designs, such as eggs, flowers, stripes, bows in richer Autumn colours like deep reds, coppers, pinks, burgundies, mustards and greens. 
Red-Pink, textured flowers – I usually don’t like fabric flowers but I thought these were so pretty and appropriate. I’ll be able to make a hair tie with these too later :)
(from Shiploads)
Some large foam hearts and a striped, colourful tea-towl both in rich, warm, earthy colours.
(both from Shiploads)
It’s becoming cool enough to keep the eggs out on the bench now too.
Decorated with butterfly sequins and ribbons.
(My own supplies)
Big, colourful flower napkins, in colours like the Autumn leaves.
(from Shiploads)
DIY Banner kit
Do you decorate your place for Easter? I’d especially love to hear if you decorate it during Autumn too :) 

Fatback Gem Scarf

Do your remember this black scarf I bought on my $50 shop? Well I did have an ulterior motive for buying this!…….. Adding sew-on gems!!!!
This scarf was really wide so I folded in half and sewed the sides together.
I then folded in half again.
The gems I bought were just from the local craft store, it was a really good packet as it had a mix of all sorts of shapes and colours.
I arranged the gems into a flower pattern. I’m sure any pattern would look great here – flat-back gems look amazing on anything.
After all the gems were in place I proceeded to glue them on with super glue. The one I used here is a new purchase that I’m very excited about. It’s called Ultimate Glue by Crafter’s Pick and it’s a non-toxic, water-soluble superglue.
Remember to use gloves and work in a ventilated area when you are using stronger glues.
Once all the gems were glued I proceeded to sew them on (this really in an optional step, if you use enough glue if should hold them well-enough).
It did take a while to sew this (1hr). Just as well I recorded The Voice the other night! Go Celia, Jackie and Harrison!
I actually only had enough gems to do a bit less that half of it – but I don’t think it really needs more and sits better by being quite minimal.

This amazing necklace is what  first inspired me to make the scarf. I bought it from Portmans earlier in the year. I originally got the gems with the plan of making a similar necklace. I’m still going to try to make something like this but I thought a scarf is more appropriate for this time of year (Autumn for me).

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